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 The Outcasts : Bad Blood 
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Post Re: The Outcasts : Bad Blood
Sylvie looked contemplative as she listened to the details of what this.. partnership? would entail. All in all though, it didn't sound all that bad. "I can't say I've done very much transporting or planting of items before but.. I can probably do that, though the taking of things I am far more familiar with." she answered. She liked the description of profitable. She liked that a lot. But in the end, she just hoped they would be challenging. That was what her true passion when it came to her work was. She liked the challenge. It was her.. art. But being well rewarded for her work didn't hurt either. One corner of her lips turned into a smile. "I like the sound of this business."

She arched one eyebrow as they came to names. This odd Gangrel kept calling her kitten. It was odd to say the least. So this Gangrel was called Cath.. what Sylvie assumed to be a shortened form of Cathy or some such. She frowned slightly as Cath said she would keep calling the Toreador kitten. "Appropriate, is it?" she began to object but then thought better. Her eyes narrowed as she tried to judge what Cath might know. "You know who I am, don't you... The daughter of the Black Cat art thief..." she said finally. She half chuckled. "In a way, I suppose it's not inappropriate..."

She paid close attention as Cath levied the next job details. Sylvye's eyebrows went up in some surprise at hearing it had to with a bank. It did.. but it didn't. Good. Sylvie was a cat burglar, not a bank robber. Being seen, and using violence was not her style. Safe-cracking.. child's play. Seriously. When she was a child, her father had taught her how to crack safes for fun. And generally safes that people put in their homes were generic ones. She frowned. "You want the papers or just a copy of the papers?" she asked. "I can either swipe them or take pictures of them and leave the papers where they were...." Cath answered the question though. Sylvie nodded. "Easy enough to get the originals then."

She laughed out loud about the next part. "Seriously?" she began but she could see that Cath was. "Well... I don't carry around estrogen pills or anything.. You have a supply I should use to replace his testosterone or do you want me to see about procuring some? I can't say I've ever tried to obtain hormones... Not saying I can't.. I can get anything, but.. it might take some extra time for me to find the right contacts. I know you say this isn't time sensitive but.. if you don't have a supply, I just want you to know that." she said. She smiled. "And you will get ample photo proof of it." She raised an eyebrow again. Cath knew how to find her? That was.. a little unsettling. What was frustrating though is normally, she might have picked up and moved her haven at that, especially with the amount she was carrying in her bag now but.. that would likely also end their proposed partnership.


Wed May 22, 2019 5:48 am
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