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Post Re: Elysium
As soon as he heard the laughter, Aedan's eyes went to a red glow, and his claws came out. He could see his enemies now, and this was going to be a trick. He'd literally bartered this discipline into his line for the sake of freedom only taking another form could take. He hadn't spent any time fighting with his claws since he first learned to draw them out.
1bp - eyes of the beast
1bp - feral claws
4bp - blood buff str

The one that came for him was quick, Aedan wasn't ready for him, "STOP!!!" He yelled reactivity, putting his right hand up. The cainite froze not 3 feet in front of him, and Aedan went for the jugular.

Dominate: command
roll: 6,7,6,4,7
successes: 4

Claws jugular grasp: 7,5,9,2
difficulty: 5
successes: 3
dmg: 5pts lethal
(please check that, I think that SHOULD be right?)

Feeling his claws dig into the cainite, he could feel warm blood flowing over them...he froze...she was young, beautiful, like a young girl, the look in her eyes, the terror. He didn't like it, he held her there. Shit, had he gone soft? Was it just a moment? Or was it that he knew, deep down, had he been any other vampire, that wouldn't have worked. Rare was it he could not dominate another, few had blood strong enough to handle him. He had killed woman before, but something about the terror in her eyes seemed so damned innocent. She was sabbat, and would have to be destroyed. But she looked...perfect, angelic even. Each time she would try to move he would tighten his grip and give a light jerking motion.

from the cast sheet of this pack:
Name:Ginette Lambert
Age: 188
Nature: Child
Demeanor: Conformist
Str: 3 Chr: 5 Per: 5
Dex: 3 Man: 1 Int: 1
Sta: 5 App: 3 Wit: 0
Viccisitude: 5
Auspex: 2
Animalism: 1

Willpower: 8

Path: 7

It clicked. Its because she never had a chance against him. Had he truly seen her as a threat, he would have finished her off, but despite her speed, she was completely caught of guard. Dammit. This is why he had his defense division handle this. Well, not really the reason, but it was damn sure seeming like a perk right now.

He lifted his head, and shouted authoritatively through the night, "PULL BACK YOUR PACK, AND I WILL RELEASE YOUR CHILD, BUT ONLY BECAUSE SHE SHOWS PROMISE. OUT OF HER LEAGUE, FOR SURE THOUGH. WE ARE OF THE VENERABLE BLACK HAND, AND YOU ARE UNDER INVESTIGATION. WE HAVE HEARD THINGS IN THE DARKNESS. WHISPERS OF OUR ONCE BEST AND BRIGHTEST TURNING CAMMY SPIES IN BACKROOM TREATIES. OBVIOUSLY OUR LOCAL SCOUT WAS SLOPPY, I CAN DEDUCE BY YOUR VISIT THAT YOU'VE LIKELY NEUTRALIZED HIM. HE WAS DISPOSABLE, BUT DO. NOT. PRESS US. WE HAVE A BUSY NIGHT, AND PLAYING WITH YOU IS NOT ON OUR AGENDA." He said, finally dropping the girl. He hadn't expected to do that, but hopefully it would get them out of a fight without appearing weak. With what he said, it could be deduced that the inbred confederate bumpkin had overstepped his orders, that he had been merely instructed to investigate. It was a lie though. She would really seem like she had a chance to kill him for him to take this one out.

He wasn't sure weather they would bite, but between Evy's shadow show, and him displaying he can dominate them, they had definitely showed signs of being elder kindred not to be toyed with, indeed capable of being this 'hand' they seem to speak of.


Wed Mar 07, 2018 5:00 pm
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Post Re: Elysium
Nathan listened what Evelyn said but he couldn't help but wish that he could help her in some way. He continued to listen to everything that was going on thinking about what they were going to do next. He listened intently when Evelyn began to explain that this could happen often and soon thought that he should start getting use to this. Nathan knew things might get serious when he heard that he should call Evelyn by a different name for now. When he noticed that she pointed at him he listened intently to her words and quickly took her advice and began to slouch a little. When she told him to stay close to her he felt that he didn't need to be told to stay close to her since he wanted to protect her.

He got into the vehicle getting ready for everything wondering how everything's going to go. He listened to Evelyn wondering how he was going to be able to call the shadows and if he was going to be able to do it but deep inside he knew he wasn't going to fail her. When everyone got out he stayed close to Evelyn. When he saw the sabbat charged he noticed one going at him. He focused on using the shadows like he was told then he watched as the shadows wrapped around his attacker. Nathan couldn't help but be amazed with what he did.

Sat Mar 31, 2018 1:56 am
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Post Re: Elysium
Out of the corner of her eye, Evelyn saw one of the Sabbat that was streaking towards Nathan, slow.. and then stop. The attacker's own shadow seemed to rise up over its once-owner, snaking around the hapless Sabbat, trying to claw at the seemingly alive shadow that sought to strangle him. She knew that strangling a Cainite was not a very effective technique but it seemed, at least for the moment, it was more than distracting enough. That her charge had managed such a feat on his own with no real instruction though.. that surprised her. Surprised and made her even more sure in her choice. Nathan seemed to be a natural at it. Though her attention had been drawn away, she couldn't allow it to be held. Hopefully the distraction there would hold long enough as another Sabbat rose up in front of her and the Lasombra turned to the threat to herself. She quickly used some of her Vitae to boost her own strength before using her left arm and attendant shadow tentacles to knock the man, obviously a Tzmisce by his too-perfect features. She needed to take him down quickly so that she could see to Nathan.
Blood Buff - strength : 6 blood points spent (str 8, max)

Hit from Evy
Difficulty : 6
To Hit Roll : 10, 8, 4
Successes : 2

Dice : str + 1 bonus
To Dmg Roll : 5, 9, 10, 8, 5, 10, 8, 5, 2
Successes : 5

Hit from tentacle
To Hit Roll : 10, 5, 8
Successes : 2
To Dmg Roll : 4, 9, 3, 1, 4, 5, 9, 2, 4
Successes : 1

Just going to go with an average here since its more a dramatic scene.

Intimidation (after the next paragraph)
manip + intim + black metamorphosis bonus

Roll : 4, 7, 8, 3, 5, 1, 5, 6, 10, 2, 1, 6, 8
Successes : 4
Gangrel willpower : 3

*note to self - Sephora Diederich

Evy's shadow covered arm struck the Cainite at head level at just before one of the tentacles she now possessed followed through. The first strike was enough to knock the Tzimisce hard to the ground. She had been ready for the Cainite to dodge but he hadn't and her positioning of the second strike with the tentacle arm was slightly off, merely smacking the Tzimisce somewhat. An insult to the injury, though neither strike were near fatal to a Cainite or Kindred. At least, not this time. The extra blood she had used to pump up her own strength though had been a useful addition. It took a moment for the stunned Gangrel to slowly try to regain his feet.

She glared him right in the eyes as he did. This one seemed the leader of this pack. The Tzimisce's eyes glared at her, but that was nothing in comparision to her own, which glared back, two dark black pits of nothingness of her shadows that flowed over her body. "Submit to the Black Hand now. Surrender and you will not meet the Final Death this night." she hissed out, her voice sounding hollow and otherworldly through her shadows. The Tzimisce paused at he stared, glancing over now at the others of his pack and the states they were in. With Evy's two pronouncements and Aedan's.. not to mention the obvious display of a Cainite power that was wholly owned by the Sabbat... He was really beginning to wonder if these were the Hand. Evy was ready to strike again but she gave this Tzimisce one chance and one chance only.

The Tzimisce raised a hand and the rest of his pack stopped, slowly backing off. It was rare to see a pack with this much discipline but this one seemed to have it. "Cavan said he was working for the Hand." he said, his voice had a surprising French accent. He glanced over at Ginette. He was especially protective of Ginette. She was on the ground, her neck bloodied, but the man who had attacked her.. or more to the point, was defending himself against her, had dropped her, left her alive. Normally he might have considered it a Cammy trick, or Cammy weakness to kill... but the woman before him.. was more than obviously a Lasombra. It didn't add up that these were Costellos. "Arch-Bishop Diederich called us in. We were told that Cavan was working for other side. He was adamant that he had been recruited by the Hand."

Evy continued to glare along with her shadows. "He should know that speaking of working with the Hand when sworn to silence is punishable by death." she replied.

The Tzmisce grunted. "With what was being done to him..." he began to defend but trailed off as he stared at the intimidating shadow form before him. "Of course. In either case, he has paid for his sins with his un-life." He was beginning now to truly doubt his orders and believe this was, in fact, the Black Hand before him. A Lasombra and a Gangrel from what he had seen of these Cainites.. typical Hand membership. "Arch-Bishop Deiderich made no call for the Hand to come..., Ductus?" he began, adding a question of what he assumed her title to be.

"We come where and when we need to." Evy answered cryptically. She made no move to deny his assumption either. "What is your loyalty?"

"To the Sabbat!" he answered solidly. When she stared silently at him for another awkward moment, he finally realized what she was asking. "To the Hand, Ductus. The Hand is the fist of the Sabbat, greater than any one Cainite.. even an Arch-Bishop if necessary." Evy gave a short nod, accepting his answer.

( Can either do anything else we need with his pack now or you can send them on their way. )


Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:29 am
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