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 [Origin Story: First Change] Amare Okafor 
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Post [Origin Story: First Change] Amare Okafor
Execution Ground: Ihdeze, Nigeria

Blazing hot days were common in Nigeria and this day was no different. A crowd of villagers gathered before the execution grounds which was directly in the centre of the Idheze village. A rowdy scene indeed, villagers all yelled out insults and what have you, most of it was impossible to make out through all the simultaneous noise. The mob was clearly angry and were calling for death; the vibe all throughout was extremely hostile and violent, villagers even holding rocks and bricks as well as cinder block pieces.

The village chief, Mamadou'e Ngaza was seen walking a young Nigerian, no more than 17 years old, to the platform where the execution was to take place. Beside the young Nigerian were the chief guards, both holding ropes which were tied on the respective left and right arms of the young man. Clear skin with shoulder length dreadlocks and battered t shirt with jeans along with a gold septum piercing, the young boy walked compliantly to the execution stage where the crowd awaited, eager as all hell to wreak havoc upon the man. The crowd erupted when the trio stepped upon the platform.

Before the village chief could even speak, several rocks were thrown at the young man who was now kneeling with his head bowed down. The rocks crashed upon his person, making him bleed in the places they struck, namely his face and exposed arms. The young Nigerian was Amare Okafor, a criminal responsible for many of the tragedies that plagued the village. He was a thief, a murderer and ultimately a splinter in the side of the village. The villagers hated him for his actions and the village chief was ready to get rid of the parasite.

You could say it wasn't his fault completely, he and his mother were extremely poor and he needed to provide for both of them. He had a hidden nature that also plagued his thought patterns and personalities.. he believed he was just crazy and honestly, if death was to be his punishment then he would gladly take it than have to deal with the powerful emotions he had to on a daily basis. The village chief marched in front of the young boy, prompting the villagers to cease their attack. "Today we will rid of the leech destroying our village. He is young and it pains me to bring such foul punishment but it must be done; as village chief it is my job to keep our village peaceful and free from any crime. Significantly we will reduce thus, getting rid of this boy." the village chief preached before slightly bending down towards Amare.

Amare had his head bowed ready to accept death. The village chief spoke words to him, however, that would change him completely. "I hope you realize that your mother, who has been trying to keep you safe and keep us away from you, has been raped and murdered. Obstructing our duties calls for drastic measures and that's exactly what happens. This isn't your personal playground, boy, and you shall learn that now, scum of the village." he told Amare whos eyes widened glaring at the ground he was staring at already.

The struggles his mother was facing was one of the reasons why he was doing what he did. She treasured him as her child and wanted the best for him but just couldn't provide that. As such, he did the only thing he knew how, commit mischief and become a criminal, to keep his tiny family afloat in such rough times. He began to sweat profusely as his glare stuck to the ground. The sweat dripped off of his face almost like a fountain. The tall boy, 6'5", held by even taller guards has now had his world destroyed. He wanted to take the fall and had no issue with it, but dragging his mother, whom had nothing to do with it into it, and doing something so heinous as well as murdering her was too much for him to handle right now.

The village chief stood beside the young boy, taking his sword out of the scabbard and facing the crowd. "Amare Okafor, 'cruel black sun' shall now face the ultimate consequence for his crimes, death!" he yelled to a cheering village crowd whom wished to see nothing more than Amare dead. Placing the sword on Amare's neck, the village chief continued with his speech. "Youth.. that is a vulnerable time. It is when you either establish yourself as being a contributor to your fellow villagers, or forego that responsibility, following the path of foolishness, such as this boy here." he continued.

Amare now could no longer even discern what that motherfucker of a village chief was saying. A searing flame boiled through his skin so hot that he was dripping sweat like a faucet. He could only think of how nonchalantly the village chief could tell him his mothers fate.. and it angered him so! Amare's hands turned to fists as he bore his teeth, growing fangs of impeccable size. His body was now doing something magnificent.. distorting reality as he knew it.

Amare's fists turned into clenched, gigantic paws that ripped easily through the rope that held them, his body growing into a 9 feet or larger beast, mouth turning into a lion's snout and eyes turning into what resembled a cats, amber and fierce. Amare beat his chest in this fantastical form as the guards and the chief as well as the villagers only stood silent with wide eyes. Amare was now a gigantic, humanoid lion with long dreadlocks where his mane should be and let out a roar so loud that the village itself shook.

Taking the guards' head which held with the rope, he grabbed them with his gigantic paws and smashed their heads together into another, killing them instantly. The village chief and the villagers were now in complete panic mode as they all attempted their escape. Little did they know that Amare had minuscule control over his behaviour, he was just a raging beast, flowing with uncontrollable rage whom wanted nothing but to kill. The entire village would be slaughtered.. leaving nothing but blood on soil as Amare wept near his mothers body, whom he found by the village chiefs home.

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