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It was just dawn but promising to be another humid day on the jungles that covered much of the Earth. Another day of patrolling, of dealing with the feral animals that still roamed the barren planet but a day that promised to be nothing but another tedious, boring day. Droh Ganor scratched the side of his head as he began to walk his assigned patrol path, barely even paying attention to the droning voice coming from the anti-grav speakers littered around the area. They repeated the same things over and over again; Droh didn't need to hear the voice to know that Grineer were better than everyone.. that Grineer deserved to rule. Of course they were better. He scratched again, his mind turning to the annoyance at the humidity and how it made his scarred and twisted exposed flesh of his face itch as if there were bugs crawling over it though he knew there was nothing there. Why did he even need to be out here? It was true that this had been once the Homeworld but it was desolate now, wild and untamed and dangerous. What were they really guarding in this empty jungle planet? Nothing that he could tell but then again, he was only a Lancer.. not deemed worthy of explanation but only expected to follow orders. One day that would change, Droh thought proudly. One day the Twin Queens would recognize the worth of Droh Ganor, how smart he was, that he could serve his queens with distinction. Perhaps he could move up in ranks as he deserved. He had heard that recently Captain Vor had been stripped of his rank and had since disappeared so that meant that there would be room to move up.

He gripped his Grakata weapon tighter to his armoured chest as he passed by another patrol unit, a sniper with a lancer escort. He nodded to them as his eyes passed over the rarer sight of a female Grineer face of the sniper, then to the other lancer, seeing what he knew his own visage looked like mirrored in the other clone. An exact duplicate but Droh knew in his heart he was better than the other lancer. Why did not come into his mind, just that he was. Just as the Grineer were better than all others.

Droh was about to turn, to continue away from the others on his route but stopped when the lancer and sniper shouted something. He turned to look at them but they were pointing up at the rock face which was now behind him. He turned to look but saw nothing... nothing... Were the other two crazy? Perhaps they were degenerating. It wasn't exactly unheard of.. in some batches, the damage was enough that they grineer was flawed but well enough hidden, at least for a while. Maybe he should just put these two down himself and then report to the Sergeant. One last look over his shoulder to make sure... Gunfire opened up from behind him just as he did so, making him flinch but saw something new on the rock face which caught his entire attention. It... was hanging from the rock cliff, a sheer vertical surface.... Bullet hits were peppering the rocks all around it from the other two Grineer but Droh was so shocked by the sight that he froze, watching the.. creature?

It was shaped like a Grineer.. or a Corpus for that matter but.. not bulky like the Grineer. Not armoured like a Grineer. Its one hand that wasn't on the rock wall held a weapon but it wasn't shooting back. Its eyeless face turned to each of them in turn. It was mostly black... with highlights of gold and teal which blended it into the sunlit rock and foliage behind it pretty well. From behind Droh, the sniper's female voice suddenly screamed out.

"Tenno skooom!"

Tenno? Tenno! Tenno here? Droh suddenly began to panic. He'd heard stories of the Tenno, how they were killers. How they wanted to kill the Twin Queens just as they had killed their masters so long ago. All that was bad enough but in the end, they weren't Grineer. They weren't Grineer and so only fit to die at the hands of the great Grineer Empire. Rage filled Droh as he brought his own weapon to bear, enjoying the feel of the Grakata's kick as he began to fire at the Tenno, hanging on the rock. He could hear his own cries and insults spewing forth at the hated enemy, the thing that was not Grineer. It must die! Almost as quickly as his assault had begun though, it stopped as a voice filled his head, screaming at him, overwhelming him at the pain of the intrusion. He almost dropped his gun as he brought his hands up to his head, almost crying out at the pain. His head felt like it might burst apart at any moment. He didn't know how long it was but the wave of pain passed and Droh glanced behind him, hearing not only his own cries but those of the other two and other Grineer in the near vicinity echoing through the ravine. What he saw behind shocked him.

Two Tenno, just like the one on the wall were standing where he had just seen his own fellows. They were staring at him too... and each other. It was two to one... Droh knew he was going to die but before he could react, one of the Tenno turned to the other, bringing up its gun and fired point blank. Droh would not waste the opportunity. With a scream, he brought his Grakata to bear again, unloading the entire clip on the remaining Tenno. He could hear more gunfire erupting in the distance from other patrols. It was only as his target fell to the ground, broken and bloody that he realized something was wrong. What lay on the ground now was not these Tenno; it was the sniper and other lancer. He glanced back to the rock face, to the Tenno that still clung there but it was not looking at him. Others were coming, other Grineer were reforming. Some were bleeding, some had bullet holes in their armour and many that he knew should be joining were missing but the ones left were beginning to react as they should and coming to meet the threat.

The mass of Grineer clumped together, all beginning to fire at enemy but the Tenno suddenly jumped away from the rock face, flipping in mid-air as it headed straight for the centre of the Grineer. Just before it landed in the midst of them, it stopped, hovering just above them in a crossed-legged post, a translucent teal orb appearing around it. Droh continued firing along with all the others but he could see the shots were not making it through the orb but were in fact making the orb seem more and more solid with each hit. With no warning, the Tenno suddenly spread out its limbs, the orb around it exploding everything it touched. Bodies were ripped apart, armoured made scrap as Droh was thrown on his back, utterly senseless, pieces and bodies landing on top of him. He couldn't hear, couldn't move at first as he stared up at the bit of blue sky he could see through the tree canopy high above. Was he dead? Maybe he was dead... this was peaceful. But death was nothingness.. and he was still Droh. Something leapt over him, and then another and another. Drakhs. The hounds that the drakh masters trained to attack enemies. Slowly Droh got some leverage to free an arm and began to work his way free of the bodies.

He looked around, at the drakhs that were chasing something that wasn't even there. Projectiles came out of nowhere, piercing into the hounds which whined and cried, falling to the ground and twitching spasmodically before becoming still. The drakh master passed him then and Droh saw a shimmer in the air a split second before the master screamed in agony, a knife, then an arm appearing out of nothingness behind him. The Tenno stabbed over and over with unimaginable speed then dumped the body to the ground, turning to face any new threat. There were no more. The contraption that Droh only now noticed hovering over the shoulder of the Tenno whirred and both disappeared before his eyes.

Droh froze, half sitting, listening, looking for any sign of the hated enemy but everything was silent, everything was dead. How had he survived? Because he was better. That was the only answer. His sergeant was among the dead. Droh was Sergeant now. His name would be known now to those in command. He was on his way to his rightful place. With the Tenno gone, Droh could say that he fought off the enemy, braving it out against the horde of them that had come and wiped out an entire command except for him, because of his bravery. There were none that could argue that, he thought as he pulled himself to his feet, drawing his Grakata out from under the remains of his former Sergeant.

Droh began to walk, keeping watch around him for threat. He had to make it back to command to gain his rewards. Suddenly he hit into something where there was nothing but thin air. He swung out his gun to test but encountered no resistance whatsoever. He started to run, dodging around the trouble spot just in case, knowing that he had no choice but to run away. He was just beginning to decide he had made it out safely when a heavy weight slammed into the the back of him, sending him sliding to the ground. He wrested the weight of his armour to turn over onto his back but it was too late. He didn't even have time to bring up his gun to ward it off. The last thing Droh saw was the knife wielded by the Tenno heading for the centre of his face.....



Sat Aug 01, 2015 4:54 am
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