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 Alien Xenomorph Info 
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Post Alien Xenomorph Info

The first stage of the alien lifecycle. Eggs laid by the queen have 2 possibilities which will be stated in the Facehugger section. Eggs have an unknown lifespan, most likely able to survive hostile environments for hundreds of years or more. When approached, they open up to reveal a pink meaty substance (Similar in appearance to raw chicken meat). Some Eggs are slightly transparent when a light is shone on them, allowing viewing of the Facehugger inside.

Facehuggers are the first mobile stage of the alien species. As mentioned before, there are 2 distinct forms of Facehuggers. The normal Facehugger as shown in the picture and then there is a Facehugger with very exaggerated spines on its back. The difference is the normal is a typical worker/warrior type which makes Drones, Runners, Predaliens. The spiny type is a Queen Facehugger such as in Alien³. The Facehugger lays an "egg" in the esophagus of the host partway down to the stomach then crawls away and dies.

The Chestburster is the third stage in the Xenomorph biology. It is possibly one of the most amazing stages, where during gestation, it picks up DNA information of its host. This could be done for a number of reasons, one of which could be for possible adaptation to the outside environment. The gestation for the chesburster ranges from 3 days to one week. After the period of gestation, birth occurs, which is possibly one of the most disturbing features of the Xenomorph life cycle. The birth consists of a violent eruption of the Chestburster from the ribcage of the infected host, hence the name, Chestburster. The Chestburster then finds a quiet, out of the way place to hid for a few hours until it molts into an adult strain.

Worker Drone
The Worker Drone could be primarily classified as the last, or adult stage in the Xenomorph lifecycle. The Worker Drone, as it's name pertains, is based for work around the Hive, and helping to make the Hive more prosperous in many different ways, in doing simple tasks for the hive and the Queen such as food and host retrieval, tending to the Queen and Eggs and basic protection of the hive. However despite its duties, the Worker Drone could also be called on for defense or attack purposes in desperate situations, for instance, whenever any foreign individuals enter the Hive.
The primary way of identifying a Worker from a Warrior Drone is by the ridged skull features of the Worker.

Warrior Drone
The Warrior Drone caste's sole purpose is protection of the hive though fearless, attacks with mass numbers of Warriors, swarming over an intruder like in a disturbed ant or bee hive. They have no regards for their own lives and willingly sacrifice themselves in order to benefit the hive. An example of this is a few drones being held captive and killing off one of their number and using the acid blood to melt an escape hole.
The main visible difference between Worker and Warrior of course, as stated above, is the smooth head. It is also likely the Warrior has increased armour, speed and strength than the Worker Drone.
Warriors have been known to lie in wait, perhaps dormant in a hive, embedded in the hive walls and almost invisible among the pattern of hive texture. It is likely that the Queen wakes them with a telepathic message.

K-Series Drone
The K-Series Xenomorphs were created by a human experiment but quickly and violently broke free and escaped into the universe. This aberrant strain is very destructive, not only to other species but to the original strains of Xenomorphs as well. The only caste of this strain are Drones, which are almost the same as typical Drones other than colouring, K-Series ones being a white, yellow and green scheme.

Runner/Panther or Dog Alien
The Runner is a Xenomorph strain that is known primarily for its low- key appearance and low rank within the Hive Hierarchy. The Xenomorph Runner is a result of the embryonic impregnation of a quadruped host, in most cases of a canine or dog host, hence the name Dog Alien. With the embryo taking attributes from the host's DNA in order to become more adapted to the environment outside, the Runner is a direct result of this process. The Runner therefore features only a quadrupedal form as a means of locomotion, as opposed to the drone which can switch from bipedal to quadrupedal and back. The spine-like tubes, similar to the ones seen on basic Xenomorph Drones, are absent , theoretically for the purposes of better mobility, i.e. rotation of the head in the quadrupedal stance.

Spitter Runner
A Spitter is not much different than a normal runner strain with the exception that it has the ability to spit a stream of acid. The acid is very similar, perhaps identical, to the alien's acidic blood, molecular acid. It is also likely this upgraded strain has additional benefits as well over the base Runner.

The Predator-Alien Hybrid, better known as the "Predalien", is another perfect example of DNA adaptation. The Predalien is a result of embryonic impregnation of a "Yautja" or predator species, and is born into this world with enhanced features. The Predalien is much different then its Drone counterpart, as most of its physical features have been enhanced by the DNA mix between the species. The Predalien features mandibles, enhanced strength, and the spines on the back. One could say that the behavior of the Predalien is quite similar to a basic drone, however being mixed with the DNA of a predator, it could also be more likely that the Predalien could be extremely hostile, making it a perfect heavy-support warrior for the Hive.

Ultra Predalien
The Ultra Predalien is a mutated strain of Predalien. This version features a very distinctive and unique exoskeleton as can be seen in the picture. This strain also has greatly increased strength than the base Predalien.

Flyers are a very rare strain of Xenomorph, having only been observed on one world. It is believed that they are the result of a facehugger infecting an avian species. Overall, they are basically Drone-like with the exception of being built lighter and, of course, with wings. Flyer is perhaps a misleading name as these Xenomorphs do not fly, but have the ability to glide. They swoop down on prey, hosts and enemies of the hive, either pulling them up into the air for a headbite or impaling them on the ground with their tails. Flocks of Flyers are very, very dangerous.

The Praetorian is perhaps one of the most interesting strains in the Xenomorph biology. Its primary role within the Hive is to guard key locations of importance or interests and if nothing else, to protect the Queen herself. The physical features of the Praetorian are very elegant and its appearance look very similar to the Queen. It has a crown-like skull crest, greater height, and powerful strength. The Behavior of the Praetorian is possibly one of the most graphic and intense of all the strains, excluding the Queen. Not only is it 'programmed' to automatically become hostile to any foreign intruder of the Hive, but also with the molting process, it can emit pheromones that enrage other strains.
Praetorians are thought to be potential, juvenile forms of Queens, and when needed, can evolved into the massive Egg-layers. It has also been observed that drones, in a time of need, can turn into Queens themselves, and perhaps, Praetorians are simply drones in the state of becoming Queens.

The Queen is the dominant leader within a Hive hierarchy and her primary role is to provide eggs and advance the Hive territory in any way necessary. It is possible that the Queen communicates to her workers and other members of the hive through telepathical means. It is also likely that the Queen has a very high IQ, or advanced intelligence. Queens have shown themselves to be self-aware and capable of planning and traps. No matter what though, she will defend her hive or chase down opposing threats without mercy.
Queens are generally only found at the centre of the hive, connected to an egg sac and ovipositor, though in desperate situations, they have been known to tear themselves free and launch a massive attack.
Queens are also the only Xenomorph, aside from Chestbursters, to exhibit self-preservation tendancies.

Not much is known about this matriarch of matriarchs. She is kept well hidden, deep in the biggest of alien hives. It is also not known if there is more than one Über Queen in existence. What is known is that she poses incredible telepathic powers, able to influence aliens and some humans alike from probably thousands of light years away. Her intelligence is comparable to the most intelligent of humans, and even seems to posses, or at least understand, language and uses words, transmitted telepathically, to control the humans under her influence.


No natural alien strains have eyes but, in fact, use a very sophisticated pheromone detection system to track prey. Xenomorphs seem to be very good with spatial awareness which leads to the theory that they also perhaps use some kind of sonar or echolocation to move about.
The range of vision appears to be very large in Xenomorphs, being greater than 180 degrees, and even potentially up to a full 360 degree area.
Most lower caste strains of Xenomorph (Facehugger, Chestburster, Drone, Runner, Predalien, Flyer) appear to have the intelligence level the same as many mammalian carnivores such as dogs or wolves, having some problem solving skills and learning ability in cause and consequence. In limited instances, Drones have set traps for prey. Higher castes such as Praetorians and Queens have a higher intelligence though the exact level is not known. Queens have been shown to understand and extrapolate human intentions, sending away attacking Drones in order to save Eggs. They have also been seen to have some superior problem solving skills. Über Queens are thought to have an intelligence level at least the same as humans, able to communicate telepathically with speech, and able to coerce certain individuals to accomplish plans.

Internal Properties
First and foremost in Xenomorphic Internal Properties, is their acidic blood. Found to be a molecular acid, the blood is able to melt or burn through most known materials with only a very few exceptions. On the other hand, this acid blood quickly neutralizes on contract with oxygen, remaining acidic only for a minute or two at the most. The blood quickly loses its acidity after the death of the alien as well. All alien strains are shown to have this acidic blood.
Xenomorphs of course have an exoskeleton. This exoskeleton is incredibly durable, resistant to acid, and even most non-armour piercing ammunition due to the fact that Xenomorphs are silicon-based lifeforms (as opposed to most known life, which is carbon-based). Though they have an exoskeleton, it appears that some if not all adult strains of Xenomorph do in fact, have an endoskeleton (or internal skeleton) as well, as Predators frequently take Xenomorph skulls as trophies. This combination of skeleton types makes the Xenomorphs incredibly resilient and able to fall from massive heights with little or no damage. Xenomorphs are also resistant to extreme heat and cold.
Xenomorphs most likely have some kind of internal muscular tissue, as Xenomorph meat is a favourite food of Yautja Predators.
Little is known about the Xenomorph's digestive system or its need for nutrients. Some developing Xenomorphs have been known to feed on small animals, perhaps a way to increase the speed of growth to full adulthood, but it has been shown that food during this time is not necessary to survival. In a hive situation, nothing is known about feeding.
It also seems that the Xenomorph's blood is not pumped through a series of arteries and veins but runs between two layers of tissue and is highly pressurized, resulting in a large spray of the acidic blood if the alien is injured. Xenomorphs also appear to have an incredibly fast clotting system, as even the flow of blood from the removal of a limb stops within moments of the injury occurring, leaving the individual barely weakened by such a massive wound.
Worker Drones have been shown to be able to exude a sticky substance used for creating hives and nests. This resin quickly solidifies into a very hard but brittle material. It is possible the resin substance is a variation of the substance some castes use to wall-walk.

Communication appears to mainly take place using some kind of telepathy, Queens are able to command drones, often in defense of a hive, from a great distance and Über Queens are apparently able to coerce and command humans from light-years away.
As Xenomorphs also use pheromones in hunting, it is likely they can also use pheromones to communicate among each other in certain ways. Body language is also a likely means of communication in a limited sense.
It is also thought that Xenomorphs pass on a certain collective history and knowledge through a hive's genetics, which will allow any individual to be at its full capacity as soon as it reaches full adulthood.

The question of "Do Xenomorphs Breathe", at least in a conventional sense, has been a long debated one. It has been shown, in a cold environment, Xenomorph's breath can in fact be seen, but it appears, if that is actually breath and not some other Xenomorphic ability, they do not breathe as often, and therefore more efficiently than humans and most other animals. Xenomorphs have been known to be able to survive for an undetermined amount of time in an oxygen-less and gas-less environment. Whether they breathe oxygen is another unknown as they are silicon-based.

Wall Walking
One of the most interesting of all the Xenomorphic abilities is the lesser castes's (Facehugger, Drone, Runner) ability to wall-walk, to cling to any surface and move around at incredibly speed, even upside-down. It is doubtful that such large creatures could use miniscule hairs as most Terran insects do, but more likely, exude some kind of sticky material on their limbs to help them stick to walls and ceilings.

Some Xenomorphs have proven to be excellent swimmers, though most likely, only the Drone Caste excels at this. Most other castes are not streamlined enough. Certain hives appear to have slight variations of the drone strain with a longer tail topped with what could almost be called a fin, and with webbed hands and feet. The tail seems to be the primary form of underwater propulsion, in a very similar way to Terran crocodiles and alligators. These Xenomorphs can reach very high speeds underwater.


Xenomorph Teeth do not seem to be a preferred weapon, and are most likely used for feeding. On the other hand, these Teeth are extremely sharp and hard, and can cause massive amounts of damage.

Inner Jaws
The Inner Jaws are primarily used for head bites. This organ consists of a long fleshy, yet solid tube which can be protruded out of the Xenomorph's mouth at a very high rate of speed and is tipped with a pseudo-mouth that has small, very sharp teeth.. Xenomorphs prefer to use this attack on the head of their victim, destroying large amounts of brain tissues in one blow and creating a quick kill, though at times they do attack other areas of a victim, causing massive damage and wounds.

Xenomorph Claws, being silicon-based, are extremely sharp and strong, able to tear though metal and many other materials. In a dire fight, these are the weapon of choice, able to dispatch many enemies in a short amount of time.

The Xenomorph's tail is the only weapon with a bit of range for most strains. This incredibly agile tail is tipped with a massive spike which can impale a victim with ease. The range of the tail is often about one and a half times the length of the individual's body length, which makes it an adept, and very powerful weapon. Certain strains have been shown to be able to stun prey with a tail strike, made to a non-vital area of the body. These strains apparently can coat the spike with some sort of paralyzing toxin though this toxin does not seem to last more than a few moments at a time, it can be a vital tool in defense of the hive.

Acid Spit
Acidic Spit is an ability attributed only to one strain, the Runner. It seems Runners can spit a highly concentrated stream of acid, almost certainly the same molecular acid they use as blood, though the loss of this does not seem to impair the Runner. It is likely though that, if it is blood, the Runner cannot perform this ability very often without dire consequences.

A trait never having been seen, must exist as this is the only explanation for the Xenomorphs's ability to capture hosts with no apparent wounds. It is imperative for Xenomorphs to be able to do this, as they need hosts for their young, and an injured host could potentially die during incubation of the Chestburster. It has also been shown that hosts in a hive often sleep through or wake up just at the time of the Facehugger "attack", leading to conclusion that the hosts must be kept sedated in some way until that time.


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