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 Lisa Johnson 
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Post Lisa Johnson
Name : Lisa Johnson
Nationality : American
Age : 29 years old
First Change : 13 years old

Tribe : Glass Walkers
Breed : Homid
Auspice : Ahroun
Pack Totem :


Straight black hair.
Lilac eyes

Lisa was born from a female kinfolk and a garou man, but she has never met her father. Her mother raised her on her own after her father left one day and never returned, presumably dead. It wouldn't be a uncommon story. It wasn't the greatest of childhoods, but her mother always tried to provide everything of need to her. She worked hard and the family of two was happy. Well at least until her 13th birthday. It was then that her mother fell gravely ill. She was still a child at that time and few things were told to her, but her mother had to stay in a hospital for a little while, so she had to move in with her mother's relatives. They were nice people, took care of her, but it was then that her first change happened. One night while they were playing in the living room with her cousins. She luckily didn't kill anyone as someone came to pull her away at the last moment, but they were injured.

After that for a good day she's got a blind spot in her memory, probably from being knocked out cold at that point. When she came to be, she was in the presence of people she didn't recognize. At first she panicked, but in the end they turned out to be friends of her mother. Well at least that's how they introduced themselves and given sufficient proof as information from her mother she believed it. It turned out those people were a Glass Walkers sept living in the city. Her mother, as a kinfolk was aware of them so noticing certain clues and also the fact she wasn't there to guard her, called them to as to keep an eye on her with the possibility of her being a garou.

Sadly her mother passed away a few months later, but by that point Lisa was living with the sept, training with them, learning the ways of her kind. She was devastated with the passing of her mother, but gave herself to the training to get over it. Like that she spend a few years and without her knowing one day the pain had subsided. It was still there, but it no longer was unbearable.

Around the age of 19 she already had a pack and she held the position of Beta in it. It was a honorable seat to hold and she loved her packmates and respected her alpha... as much as she can given how hot headed that man was. They ran a few ops against the Wyrm and their other enemies. It was just around the time when their pack had moved to a place of their own, leaving the sept, planning to venture out on their own and eventually forge a sept of their own. They burned a suspicious truck... through all her objections. Lisa's instincts told her something was fishy, but the others didn't listen, especially her alpha who had grown increasingly threatened by skill and personality. Fearing the fact the other packmates relied on her for wisdom and guidance increasingly more rather than him, he tried to gain their favor by actions. To show he was a strong capable warrior whom they can follow. It only served to bring disaster upon them not even a day later.

It was early in the morning when fomori swarmed in their hideout. Their number was too great and the attack too fast to react to. They fought valiantly. She threw herself first into the fray before the alpha even. Fought the hardest, tore, crushed and clawed at enemies as their attacks tore at her flesh too. The bloody fight continued, she witnessed her friends... family falling around her as she couldn't be there to protect them. The fomori had surrounded her closely, separating her from the rest. In the end after the long carnage, she was the only one left standing in the hideout. Battered, beaten and bloodied, she gazed upon the bodies of the people who had become close to her as family in the past few years. She cursed, she cried and howled before she opened the gas valve, turned on the stove and leaving a lit cigarette in the other room she ran away, as fast as she can. She had failed... She cried as the place she called a home exploded.

Facing the crushing weight of failure, regret and anger, Lisa put herself in self demanded exile. She couldn't stay in the city any longer. She couldn't bring herself to find another pack or sept. Not after failing like this. Because of that she left the metropolis, headed away... as far away as she can. Out of the busy cities and into the near wilderness. Her mother had owned a family ranch that no one had lived in years. It was the perfect place for her. So she went there and started to live a slower life... not without its small excitements, but she was alone. No garou to join her. Well at least until last year when for whatever reason two appeared and now lived with her in the ranch as roommates. They got along well so it was something of a pack which did better Lisa's general mood. It was either that or Sara's preaching was getting to her.

Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:19 pm
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