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Post Hope

Hope has waist long straight pale blond hair, with bright blue eyes and fair skin like most pure blood D'Harans. She's tall for her age, beautiful with symethrical face, her body well developed and allowing her to display surprising amount of strenght for someone her age.



Birth Place



Hope was born in D'Hara and to be more precise far north from the People's palace. Her mother was a witch who lived there in peace and quiet, keeping low profile to not draw the attention of the Rahl bloodline. Her mother and her father didn't venture far from the home for long and rarely interacted with travelers. When Hope was only 5 years old, the soldiers of Lord Rahl came for them. Her mother wasn't going to let them get captured just like that even though there were mord-siths mixes in the group. Making her go into the basement and escape out a small tunnel leading away from the house, she could only plug her ears as she ran, hearing the blazing fires and the screams.

The child had ran until her legs gave out, day after day and she finally crumbled in hte fields as a caravan of people passed in the direction of hte People's palace. They found her, lost, hungry, barely concious and took her with them towards her destination. Be it from the shock or from a wound she seemed to ahve on her forehead, her memories were a mess. She didn't remember much, but it had appeared she had tripped while running and hit her head. Not knowing her name or where she was from, they simply left her at an orphanage in the People's palace. There she was named Hope and she lived for hte following 11 years.

Despite her initial condition, under the care of the workers at hte home, she healed and got better. With time she started helping around and eventually focused on earning money for the orphanage any way she could. Sometimes she exploited men who fell for her charm, sometimes she just stole here and there. With time hse realized she possessed magical abilities of sorts, but made sure to keep quiet about them and not show them as much as possible. She didn't want for Darken Rahl to realize them and do something to her. She even focused on learning some High D'Haran, though didn't get much past few words and sentences she learned while browsing one of the many libraries in the palace.

It seemed that despite her relative caution, she did in the end attract the eyes of Rahl as a Mord-sith and a few soldiers had come to search for her at the orphanage. Be it for the suspicious amount of people who liked her or the fact she snooped around hte libraries for pretty specific information she just knew she must learn, they came for her, but missed her. When she learned, she quickly fled the palace. Without stopping, without slowing, she took a horse and rode out the gates, heading in the direction of hte middle-lands. She knew there was a war going on, but not much else. Still the war provided a chance for her to vanish in the enemy territory and be save.

Weapons/Tools and Magic
For weapons Hope possess a normal steel shortsword, a small crossbow and a knife. Her magic's remains untrained and unstable when she tries to conciously utilize it, the magic rarely activates. Still she's supposed to posses the standard suite of powers a witch's han grants. Including the ability to sense and see the flow and ebb of time, the innate ability to charm people, the ability to interupt a wizard's spell and so on. In addition to the standard array of magical abilities, Hope's gift allows her for her unique ability of shapeshifting into smaller animals such as cats, dogs, birds and so on, never venomous or too small though. She cannot turn into instects. Only creatures at smallest like a cat, at biggest like a medium dog.

Sun May 28, 2017 5:00 pm
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