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 Sara Becker 
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Post Sara Becker
Image Name : Sara Becker
Nationality : Canadian
Age : 22 years old
First Change : 14 years old

Tribe : Children of Gaia
Breed : Homid
Auspice : Ragabash
Pack Totem :

Very dark honey blonde straight hair
Hazel eyes

Sara grew up as the daughter of two Children of Gaia Kinfolk who spent much of their free time at their local Sept's caern in Northern Ontario, Canada. Early on, she was marked as being Garou, unlike her parents, but they were nothing but proud of her. Years as a child were joyful, with many that she considered family around that could help her understand her differences from normal humans and taught her the ways of her Tribe, life-balance, a Children of Gaia exercise akin to yoga, and meditation. There was also a nearby Sept of Uktena who would visit Sara's Sept monthly for a communal moot to discuss regional issues. Sara came to befriend one of the children, that came with this group, named Adam. They both always looked forward to the inter-Sept meetings just to see each other.

When Sara was around 14 years old, Adam's visits stopped. She heard from others it was because, not being Garou, his parents had decided he needed proper schooling and had moved away with him off the First Nations reservation where he had lived to a community much further south. Not long after this, Sara experienced her First Change. It was a fairly typical First Change, carefully orchestrated and reined by the Sept. Over the next 5 years, Sara became even more a part of her Sept, as a full-fledged Garou and all that that entailed. In her 19th year, however, Adam returned, having completed college now and having been employed in the nearby town as a police officer. One of his first acts upon returning was to resuming joining the monthly inter-Sept moots.

In the next year, Sara and Adam grew very close but their happiness only lasted last long. The peace between the white residents of the nearby town and the First Nations people on the reservation took a hit when a young First Nations girl was hit by a town-going drunk driver. Tensions rose, protests started when the drunk driver was released without going to jail. The situation came to a boiling point when groups from either side came to blows. The provincial police, including Adam arrived to try to diffuse the situation.. until someone started shooting from the crowds. Adam and a number of other innocents were killed.

Distraught, Sara withdrew into her Sept. The whole thing had been completely senseless and it took her time to come to terms with that. Even so, the thought that people could turn on each other like that when there were bigger issues at stake became a prime concern for Sara. Not just among the humans but even among the Garou. Especially among the Garou. After that incident, the local Uktena tribe had withdrawn from cooperating with the Children of Gaia Sept and there were rumours that there were Wendigo seeking reprisals, even against other Garou and Kinfolk. The fight against the Wyrm was all important but the native tribes in the region were more concerned with fighting other Garou. It wasn't right.

Her Sept quickly got a handle on things, convincing the others that they were still allies but Sara could see it was a symptom of a larger problem. One that spread across the whole continent. From that point on, that became her mission. She left her Sept, and as sad as they were to see her go, they all understood. Sara wandered, south and east, eventually crossing the border into Montana. There she found two local Septs, one Wendigo and one Uktena and decided that that would be a good place to start. A single Child of Gaia would be less threatening in trying to talk to those other Tribes.

Finding a small, nearby town, Sara began renting a small studio to teach her own tribe's form of yoga to the locals, as a means of sharing good energy as well as making some money to support herself. Early on, she crossed paths with another Garou, Lisa, who was a local and they quickly formed.. something of a pack. Now, a year and a half later, Sara teaches yoga and mediation in town while the two Garou are roommates at Lisa's ranch outside of town.


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