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 Enuka Raes 
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Post Enuka Raes
Name : Enuka Raes
Nationality : South African (father) / Nigerian (mother)
First Change at : 18 (or so)
Age : 19
Tribe : Swara
Appearance : fairly dark complexion, medium-tall height with a thin, lithe figure, slightly larger than average eyes, hair is slicked back, shoulder length with beads here and there. She isn't exactly good looking but there is a sleekness to her face and form that is undeniable.


Enuka walked the hot African Savannah, trailing out dust behind her as the sun shone overhead. It had been drought for some time now though the dark clouds far on the horizon and hints of moisture on the gusting winds spoke of the long-awaited relief soon. It hadn't really been the best thing to travel during the hottest part of the day but the Swara had had no other choice; she had been roaming a flood plain and when it was clear that the rains would be approaching, she knew she couldn't afford to dally in getting out of such a dangerous area. At least now, despite her exhaustion and feeling nearly dehydrated, she knew she was getting safe enough. She sniffed the air, trying to judge how long it would be before the rains.. but it was hard for her to tell. Where she was from, it just wasn't quite the same as this land and that made it harder to judge little things like the weather. She would learn.. she was learning but it would take time to perfect.

A loud crack echoed across the plains suddenly and Enuka froze, hunkering down into the tall grasses, laying the spear she carried flat on the ground. As she crouched motionless, she waited, listening and watching for anything. Had the sound merely been thunder? The clouds were swiftly approaching now... No. The heard of impala off to her left were all on alert, their vision facing a direction somewhere in front of her. There was a second booming sound, sending the herd of little deer scattering and running the opposite direction. Slowly, Enuka started to edge forward, leaving her spear behind for the moment. As she did, her body began to shift, forming itself into a shape that better fitted the quadrupedal locomotion. Her form thinned as it became that of a cheetah, darker than the usual breed with spotted melting heavily into others along her back forming almost stripes in places. She stared with her now deep amber eyes in her King Cheetah form, watching for any hint of movement ahead, scenting the wind that was picking up, driving towards her. There was no mistaking the smell of unwashed humans, gasoline and gunpowder. And the smell of freshly spilled animal blood.

She prowled ahead cautiously, moving slowly, methodically as a cheetah hunting might in its attempts to get as close to its prey as possible. Coming over a slight rise, she saw them finally. Three men with a truck. Each carried a rifle and there, beside the vehicle, lay a dead elephant. Poachers... The confirmation sent a wave of anger through Enuka, who normally had little that could truly raise her hackles. Poachers though she held a special hatred for.

Enuka had grown up, raised by her father who was a white game warden in the very northern tip of the country of South Africa, meanwhile her Nigerian mother, she had only met a handful of times growing up. She had visited them perhaps once every few years at best but it was enough that Enuka knew just a little bit about the woman who was near to a stranger that had birthed her. Oddly enough, Enuka had never held any resentment over this; it was always as if she had understood the need to roam, to explore and had instead longed to be free like her mother was. Her father, though, and schooling had kept her tied down near the northern borders of the country. It hadn't been all bad though; because of his work as a game warden, they had lived far from any really grounded civilization, with only tribal villages and a little bit of schooling in the area and little else other than sheer nature.

She had never minded this either, having been happy to be on her own much of the time, often times taking care of herself when her father had to go out for his job, sometimes for days at a time. Truth be told, she had kind of hated being forced into a small classroom with children from the surrounding villages, hated the confinement.. hated how the other children wanted to gather and play constantly. She had often been the odd one out, sitting as far from the others as possible, or simply taking off and roaming, much to the teacher's chagrin and worry. But she had never roamed too far or too long and had always come back safely.

It had been one hot day, only the year before, that Enuka had been exploring the vast landscape yet again. Older now, she had sometimes allowed herself to be gone from home for a few days at a time, usually when she knew her father was out and wouldn't be there to worry about her. Upon her return as she neared their encampment, she sensed something was not right. She couldn't quite put a finger on it until she heard angry curses along with pained cries. She moved up closer, coming around the side of one of the outbuildings they used for storage, trying to keep in cover but get near to see what was going on.

As the scene came into view, she nearly gasped. It took all her willpower just to keep silent. Her father sat on the ground, bleeding heavily from his face which was nearly unrecognizable. A group of armed men stood nearby with a foreign vehicle sitting in the clearing. In the back were a number of dead animals including.. well she thought she could see a lion's mane and there was clearly a cheetah and some gazelles there as well. The men were yelling at her father, telling him that he had no right to tell them what they could and could not hunt. Animals were animals and if rich men decided they wanted to kill an animal, they had every right to and that the game wardens shouldn't be allowed to have any say in men like them being paid for leading the rich men to the hunting grounds.

They said they would put a stop to the game wardens. Enuka's father tried to tell them that they couldn't... more civilized views were growing and growing on this continent.. and the animals they hunted were becoming more and more sparse and would eventually disappear. The poachers merely laughed. All except one. His cold eyes gazed down at Enuka's father as his gun raised and then fired once. The game warden dropped motionless as spray of red came out the back of his head.

Enuka was horrified, everything she had ever know had just been taken from her by cruel men... poachers. Anger surged through her as she gripped her light hunting spear. She almost didn't notice her perspective height growing taller, her eyesight changing slightly, her body shifting into a new furred form. All she saw was red. She wanted the red to run from these men, they deserved nothing but death. They were guilty.

With a snarl, she charged from behind the shelter, spear raised. Had she been thinking with more sense, she would have expected to be shot down on the spot before she could close half the distance.. but she made it to the first of the poachers before she had even realized, her spear slicing through his vulnerable abdomen. The next one, and the next one, frozen in fear... she tore into them just the same, taking out the throat of one, stabbing the other through the gut. The final one, the one that had pulled the trigger on her father, finally turned, dropping his pistol as he tried to run. Enuka would have none of it as she slashed the rear of his legs with her polearm, cutting muscle and ligaments. His legs unable to hold him anymore, the man dropped to the ground with a cry but kept on trying to drag himself away.

It was only then that Enuka even too the slightest notice of her hands gripping the shaft of her spear. Furred, clawed though still mostly humanoid but.. huge compared to what they had been. For a moment, she was taken aback but then her vision fell once more on the last poacher. The killer. She talked up beside the man and with no ado, stuck the spear point through the back of his head, stilling such a criminal forever. Justice was done. She returned to her father, cradling his ruined head in her lap as hot tears fell down her face.

Suddenly, she felt a hand on her shoulder and glanced up, prepared to defend herself but standing there.. was her mother. Her jaw dropped in surprise. She tried to speak but found the only sounds that came forth were decidedly cat-like. It was odd to hear only growls and cheetah-yips echo forth and it scared her.

"Do not fear, my child." her mother spoke. "You are simply special. One of the Swara, as I am. You are cheetah." She offered her hand to the Crinos Enuka. "Come and I will teach you what you need to know..."

Enuka took one last glance down at what had been her father before standing up, taking her mother's hand as she allowed herself to be led away. What remained back there was no longer her father, merely a shell. It didn't matter what happened to it now.


Enuka spent a year with her mother, learning everything that it meant to be Bastet, to be Swara. It had only been weeks ago that they had parted ways, each understanding that bonds of family were nothing to be tied down to and with Enuka having learned all that she needed to know to survive, she was now on her own as she had crossed the Savannah plains. The poachers now stirred that old anger and hurt. She had learned that they didn't just kill people like her father but other Bastet of all tribes. They were nothing but a plague intent upon genocide of any species they could get the upper hand on.

And now these three stood before her. One sighted her cheetah form, taking a pot-shot at her but missing as the dirt flew. She jumped back before another could be loosed, slinking into the grasses as she headed towards her spear. The shouts of the poachers told her that she had lost them... for the moment. Let them come though... Let them approach her, she thought as she allowed her form to change again, growing heavier, bigger and more deadly. Let them come and they would receive the verdict they deserved....


Fri Aug 26, 2016 3:16 am
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