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Miranda Jade
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Author:  rivaan [ Sat Nov 24, 2018 6:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Miranda Jade

Name : Miranda Jade
Alias: Jade, Diun
Current Affiliation : Terran Dominion
Born : 2471
Current Age : 29

Eyes : Gray
Hair : Dark Blond

Psi Index : rated 3, her Psi Index grew to 3 after intense mental and physical trauma, unlocking latent potential withing her. She now possesses typical wranglar detection abilities.

• Born on one of the many fringe colonies, she demonstrated great academical talent and eventually studied via scholarship on Tarsonis.
• Graduated with top marks from a medical colleage. Including Combat Medic training.
• Joined a training program for combat pilots, graduated with aces.
• Joined the Confederacy 'Ghost' program as a general staff worker under the pressure of the Sons of Korhal, by using her son as a hostage.
• Advanced to a full time doctor and health inspector for the 'Ghost' Program.
• Moved with the program to Ursa after the Dominion was established, but started harboring doubts about the Dominion.
• Was assigned to be the designated doctor, overseer and 'helper' for Ghost No. 24602
• Discovered her son had met with 'unforseen' accident and has died. Brief descreet investigation revealed he was used in unsafe experiments for having manifested innate psykic powers.
• Still living on Ursa nad continues to work, has started searching for possible Anti-Dominion factions.

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