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Fate's Wheel
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Author:  Aedan Travius [ Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:37 pm ]
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Saiwa shook his head as he started to snap...village, tavern, I"LL SHOW THEM! Oh, wait, yea, it was all coming back to him, "Thanks for that, and my name is...AAKKK!!!" his head flew forward as Pilwë flew into him, falling forward.

"What in the?! Dammit! Pilwë, not now! ooo, shiney! wait, no, not now! we Have to follow her," he said pointing at Salissa, "I'm Saiwa, and this is my companion, Pilwë. He understands me." He said with a nod,

"So, yea, the elders in my village are the suck, and don't think I can do anything, so, I'm goning to show them...I'm going to show them all!!! So I packed up, and moved out in the middle of the night to find my...err...fuck it, where are we going?" He said in a forced whisper.

Author:  Ghaz [ Mon Feb 12, 2018 2:37 am ]
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As Arlathan was running out of the Tavern he ran into the shadows trying to keep out of sight as much as possible. He ran in the direction where he left his trusty companion trying to keep out of sight of everyone even the other that had helped him. He didn't know how they would react to him since it seems like no one likes Drow's. Once he reached the outskirts he looked around for his companion hoping that no one was able to follow him. After a few minutes he saw his companions waved for his wolf to come over saying "We need to get out of here Dres the farther the better ..... I knew stopping here was a mistake." Arlathan couldn't help but feel saddened about how hes always being treated because of how his people are but he knew he was different and hoped to change some people minds in the process but had little faith that he would succeed. He rubbed his wolfs head saying "Sometimes I feel like your the only one that will ever trust me."

Arlathan began to hear someone screaming and began to walk in the direction of the screaming trying to stay out of sight still. He wanted to thank the Tiefling for defending him but he was a little afraid to how she would react to him being a Drow. He had Dres stay a little back so that if he got caught maybe Dres could get away since he felt that his wolf was his only real friend. Once he got near to the source of the screaming he slowly approached the Tiefling trying not to startle her saying "Hello its me from the bar ... I'm the Drow that you defended and I just wanted to say thanks for what you did." He couldn't help but feel guarded and ready to defend himself since he hasn't been treated well by anyone lately.

Author:  Keira Kelly [ Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:57 am ]
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Anger and hurt raged through Serila as she stood in the woods. Someone, feeling the levels of such emotion, likely would have been unable to control it but it was something she had lived with for a long time. The hurt, for months, and the anger.. all of her life. It was part of her blood. She let the anger that stemmed from the hurt build inside of her. She could feel the power of her blood building with it, almost to a point.. almost letting the control go. Almost, but not quite. Now was not the time to rage. There were no enemies here. Nobody she could let take her revenge out on, whether they were guilty or not. She turned, calming the tide within herself, trying to recall exactly what direction from where she was currently that her old camp was in. Suddenly, she heard a branch crack nearby. Her hand came up to rest on the hilt of her sword, ready for anything, but she didn't draw it. Despite her appearance, there were certain benefits to how Serila had been born... such as the ability to see quite well in the dark, as it was here.

Stepping out from behind a tree came the Drow from back at the tavern. One of the two kids. When she realized he was alone, she let her hand drop away from her sword. Her lips took on a sympathetic hint of a smile and she nodded in reply to his gratitude. "I don't like to see people being picked on, that's all." she answered. Her brow furrowed. "I've never seen one of your kind try to get in with humans or elve... uh.. other elves. Most of your kind don't have the best intentions when it comes to other people either.. To put it bluntly, most Drow are just plain evil, so you are either very powerful and didn't fear what Humans might do to a Drow, or you're not like most of your people..." she said, studying him. "Since you didn't tear that place apart for their.. disrespect, and because of your age, I'm guessing it's not the first choice..." Still, she would be watching this kid carefully.

She held out a hand in greeting. "Serila." she said in introduction. "I have a campsite not far from here. Come on.. it's not as far from here as I'd like, but it should be safe enough for the night." she added. Seeing that the kid would follow, she began to walk in the direction of the camp. "Not the best, but if you're hungry, I do have some dried rations stowed away over there too." Suddenly she stopped, hearing footsteps coming towards them, more than one set. She paused, ready again to be defensive, thinking it must be a group from the town but then stopped herself from drawing her weapon. These footsteps were approaching from in front of them, while the town was behind. She highly doubted the Humans could have gotten around her. Not in this dark. They'd probably be too afraid of her anyways to want to chase a 'Demon' into a dark forest in the middle of the night. Saying nothing of their superstitions about her kind, she had a decided advantage out here should it have come to a fight.

Out of the darkness, came two figures. Figures she recognized. The bard and the impetuous Elven kid from the tavern. Silently, she berated herself for her earlier outburst. If all of these people had been able to find her here from her yells, the Humans could have too. But then again.. they probably really didn't want to. As it should have been. As they approached, Serila surveyed them both. "You both all right?" she asked. She indicated the way she and the Drow had been heading. "I've got a sheltered campsite that way if all of you want to take a breather after that.." she said, inviting them all with her.

Author:  rivaan [ Tue Feb 20, 2018 5:42 pm ]
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"We are going to find hte tiefling woman who got involved in that fight, she didn't look too well on the emotional side." Salissa replied with a shrug, fixing her bag on proper position to make the carrying it easier as she did so." So you gona show the elders of your town? How you gona do that, by falling about? No, I assume you've got a plan to do so right?" She asked teasingly with a smile, but it was a friendly and quite charming smile. With her pale skin and ashen hair she did fit hte night quite well.

Finally they found the other woman and the drow kid. Salissa let out a sigh of relieve when they did so, seeing them both fine and not hurt was indeed a gratifying experience, one that she wouldn't be really glad about if not for hte fact there would be a hunting party probably formed. Maybe chase after them tomorrow, she didn't think they would chase after htem right away, not humans in a backwater town.

"We are both alright, thank you." Salissa replied in quite hte honest and thankful voice as she did a little polite courtsy befitting of someone who was in the entertainment business an specifically musical performances." My name's Salissa and you have my thanks." She added and looked around, before throwing a glance back to the direction of hte village.

"It should be fine to stay and rest, but I would advise a departure before sunrise tomorrow. They will not chase after you during hte night, no but in the morning chances are they will try to track you down with hounds." The bard said with melodic voice and a smile. Despite her warning she was rather calm right now as she studied the other woman for a moment, then the drow youngster." It was an accident, you weren't responsible and I want you to know that is my opinion. So I do not wish to see you come to blows and probably blood with any of the townsfolk who might think otherwise."

Author:  Aedan Travius [ Fri Feb 23, 2018 6:26 pm ]
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A PLAN?!! HE HAD A PLAN!!! "Oh I have a plan, allright, I'm not sure exactly what the hell it is yet, but it ends with me turning into a dragon! Then they'll see!!! then they'll all see!!!!" **cough cough** **cough** "Oh...yea, lets go find her, she looks cool..." He said as he got up, Pilwë his trusty raven sidekick on his shoulder, grabbed his bag, and lugged it over his shoulder...

When they caught up, she could see they were being studied, "Hey, uh...yea, so...I'm Saiwa! and this is Pilwë, he's cool" He stood there.
In awkward silence.

"Drow?! Oh your one of them! Hell yea! I hear ya'll are the bad boys of the elven race. Oh, I mean...uh...nice? So...honestly, I haven't dealt with a lot of humans...or other types of elves...or anyone really, the elders were overprotective shutters, so...they really all that bad? They seemed okay?" He said naively.

On hearing of rations, "Oh! I think I got some snacks, and COFFEE!!! Oh by the stars, will we have a good cup of coffee. Sugar, all that. Yep, that will set up straight!"

As the drow started talking about how they should probably lea...'

That was all the time it took him to throw down his bags in a place after sweeping for rocks with his foot. Less then a second later he was laid out snoring, his Raven sprawled out over his chest on its back.

Definitely a fine show of discipline for the pair. Thought no one. Ever.

Author:  Ghaz [ Thu Mar 08, 2018 12:31 am ]
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Arlathan listened to the Tiefling thinking about what she was telling him. He knew the reputation his race had and that he would be treated really bad since hes a young age and knew other would try to take advantage of him and his inexperience. Deep inside he really wanted to change everyone's opinion they had about his race but he knew it was going to be difficult but hopefully while looking for his sister he could change a few peoples opinions about his race. He thought about how he was never really like any of the other Drows that were out there in almost every way. When he saw her reach out her hand he slowly reached out and shook it while listening to what she was saying but quickly looked in the direction he heard footsteps coming from.

Once he saw who was making the sounds he let the Tiefling do the talking since he felt like if he did he would get into another fight. He listened to what Salissa what saying but paid particular attention when she said that what happened was an accident and that it wasn't his fault. He didn't believe her but tried not to show it he just looked away. He quickly looked at the elf when he began to talk but didn't really pay any attention to what he was saying about him not dealing with any other elves. He looked back at the Tiefling while saying with a little disdain "Yeah almost all other Drow's are bad but I'm different so don't compare me to them." He quickly looked towards where he came from and said "Come here Dres." Shortly after his pet wolf came out and walked over to his side. Arlathan looked back at the others and said "I'm ready if you all are."

Author:  Keira Kelly [ Fri Mar 09, 2018 7:10 am ]
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Serila raised a hand in a gesture showing she wasn't looking to fight the Drow kid. "I didn't compare them to you, kid." she replied strongly at his disdain. "I only asked which you were." She gave him a serious look, arching one eyebrow. "I don't judge like that. You think people judge me any less harshly based on appearance, on what is on the outside? They don't. They probably are quicker to judge me. It's just that much easier for them to look past dark skin and white hair. Not so easy when there are wings and horns involved too. They think you are evil maybe, dangerous. They think that I am demonic." she explained. "So don't go judging me on the actions of others either."

She turned to the other two, eyeing them both. Serila's eyes narrowed just a bit at the bard's introduction. "Salissa the bard, hm? Your thanks? You didn't need to get involved there, Salissa... you're one of them." she said, indicating with her hand back towards the town. "They didn't turn on you. So what was in it for you to stand with outcasts?" she asked. She turned to the other kid, the Elf kid, giving a nod at his own introduction of himself and his raven. Looking between both the newcomers, she finally introduced herself. "Serila." she said simply, indicating for them to follow her. So one surly kid, one hyper-active one and.. a bard that Seri couldn't quite pin down yet. What were the woman's motivations for helping the rest of them?

She glanced over at the bard again. "That had been my plan." she said. "The world is a big place and these frightened sheep who are scared of their own shadows won't venture far from the safety of their town." She glanced back through the dark forest, looking just a bit regretful. "This was just supposed to be a waystation anyways on my quest. I got hung up here too long... I guess I should be thankfully something drove me out.. for once." she added. She turned back, determined fire in her eyes. "I may not go out just looking to fight, bard, but if ever does come to blows, it was by their own choice. Sometimes people like that need to learn a hard lesson. You're opinion that it wasn't my fault? It wasn't. That man... that human brought a knife with him. It wasn't a threat. He was about to try to use it. I'd have rather he learned that he shouldn't use it in that way. I'd have rather he at least learned that it wasn't smart to escalate a situation like that. I didn't want him to die but it was quite literally by his own hand. There is no other way to look at that." she explained. She turned back to the fire. "Maybe the town will at least learn not to provoke others for no reason in the future now." she added, more quietly, not really believing it.

She turned as the Drow called something and a second later there as a wolf with them as well. She couldn't help smiling just a little. "Quite the zoo we have going..." she said jokingly. Her eyes went back to the Elf and his questions. "Humans or Drow?" she asked, trying to catch up with the Elf's mile-a-minute words. "Ask him about the Drow. Humans on the other hand..." She shrugged. "Some are that bad, some aren't." she answered as she stared into the campfire. She didn't realize she was playing with the ring on her finger. "Some can be... surprising." She sighed. "Backward towns like this tend to be the worst. They are isolated and insular. Xenophobic is the word for it." she added. "In bigger cities you can usually find a bit more tolerance for differences..." In her travels with her mercenary group, she had seen a wide swath of cultures.

She glanced up as the Elf kid changed the subject to food and half chuckled to herself, partially using the kid's rambunctious nature to draw herself away from the bad memories that lurked. His nature seemed to be a bit infectious which she welcomed. "Well, I didn't get a chance to have any dinner. Got some dried meat at my camp. Adding some snacks and some coffee would make a pretty good meal.. at least for now." she agreed.

In short order, they had come to her old campsite, her backup site. There was a dead campfire from the first night she had come this way. Thankfully it hadn't rained and the leftover split wood she'd left over to the side of one tree was still dry. She gestured for someone to deal with that as she went to one large tree with a hole in the side, up fairly high. She had to climb up a few feet to get at it. Her wings flared wide as she stretched to get her arm in, working something loose. After a moment, a dark bag was free in her hand. Going to the side of the pit she'd previously ringed with stones, she made sure the wood was positioned properly before pulling out a flint and tinder and striking it, starting the fire anew. Turning to the others, she was just about to offer some of the dried meat she had out when she noticed that the Elf kid was already curled up and asleep, along with his bird pet. "Well then, I guess just dried meat rations it is."

She handed the food out to the other two, her seriousness returning. "So where do you two intend on going come morning?" she asked. "I'd advise you not to head north... There's a warlord that way, sweeping the countryside with his forces." She subconsciously turned her head in tha direction, looking off. "You'd not want to run into that Half-Orc's forces... They offer no mercy and are quick to have fun with captives." she explained. She closed her eyes tightly for a long moment. "I hope one day to stop that bastard... even if it kills me. But I'm just one person." She looked at the others. "Mark my words though: do not let yourself be captured by Krodak the Bloody." she warned.

Author:  rivaan [ Wed Mar 14, 2018 5:46 pm ]
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"Talk about... free of care in teh world fufu." Salissa chuckled as she watched the elf child with the raven quickly get tired about the whole thing and hop down to sleep faster than she can pull a lute to play a bedtime lullaby. She smiled it was nice to see someone free of care, though she had this feeling it was mostly from ignorance than anything else.' What was it they said again, ignorance is blessed?' She though to herself returning her attention to the other 2 in the group. The drow child and the tiefling both of whom didn't appear in the best of moods for obvious reasons. It seemed the drow had a pet with him! She really wanted ot reply to the tiefling's comment about her belonging with humanity, but couldn't bring her at the moment as she found the amusement of a elven brat just sleeping in the dirt like a common urchin. She had done it many times in the past, though never imagined she'd see an elf do it.

"That or they will never accept outsiders in that village again. It is also a possibility." She finally replied casually to the other woman with a calm voice, lacking any form of contempt or accusation. It was all a simple fact." It does not matter no in the end, does it? Humans die within half a century if they are lucky. It will be all forgotten evnetually." Salissa added casually, running lithe fingers across hte edges of her lute like it was a priceless treasure.

"I have no specific destination." She said to Serila, sitting down by the campfire, taking a really little of a ration. She wasn't exactly hungry and the smell of blood that hit her earlier wasn't helping any. As much as she had gotten over the instincts clawing inside her head from her father, it didn't mean they were completley gone. They were annoying, but it was mostly teh fact she wasn't exactly much hungry to begin with." Thank you. Both for hte food and the advice." Salissa added and finally sighed. She really didn't like revealing herself too much, but htey at least had the right to know, she supposed.

"That said I do can protect myself and anyone trying to take fun with me, isn't going to have too great of a time. " She said quietly and reached to her mask, taking it off. She then pulled her waterskin, pouring a little of it on her hand and then rubbing her face, taking off some of the make up that she had put on to make her cheeks appear with a better lively blush. She wasn't as pale as vampires or most dhampirs, but still quiet enough to appear curious. She finally smiled widely enough to show the 2 rows of white teeth, with distinct pronounced canine teeth, once more not as much as proper vampires, but enough." Earlier you said I belong with the humans... I wish I did, but I donnot because of this accursed blood." She added." As for your warlord, he will die... they always do. Maybe you, maybe some random hero will pop up to avenge his village one day. In the end the bards will sing about it and it will turn into but a story and if we are lucky we might just be remembered down in the old tales."

Author:  Ghaz [ Wed May 09, 2018 11:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate's Wheel

The Drow watched as the Elf kid fell asleep so easily even after what just happened. He went back to listening to the other two talk and thought about what he said about the village but in the end he thought that the village would always stay the same it will just be different faces next time. Arlathan slowly began to eat some of the rations but was still cautious about everything that has been happening so far. When the bard revealed what she was the Drow couldn't believe it but didn't say anything about it.

When he heard about the advice to not go north because of the warlord he stopped eating and just listened to everything they were saying. After listening to what the bard said he looked at Serila saying "I'm going up North." He didn't know what fate had in store for him but he knew he had to go North to find his sister and no warlord was going to stop him from his goal. He didn't know what he was going to do when he finally go to his destination but he knew that he had to go even if he didn't want to.

Arlathan quickly looked at Dres and began to pet him while he feed him some food. He always began to pay more attention to his pet when ever he felt stressed or was worried about the future. He thought it was a nice distraction from the world around him but he knew couldn't do this forever.

Author:  Keira Kelly [ Thu May 10, 2018 4:52 am ]
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Seri stared at the Elf kid sleeping as she listened to the bard speak. What would she have given to be so at ease that she could lower her guard, fall asleep like that around strangers. A life of rejection and soldiering and loss had taught her to always be on her toes, ready for the next blow to head her way, as it surely would be. She may have been branded a cynic by some but, given all that Serila had lived through, it was difficult to be anything but. The one time she had known real happiness, it had been over in a blink. The next time she could ever even approach that state again would be the day she cut Krodak's head from his body and put it on a pike. That, she could look forward to.

She sighed heavily. "Or maybe they won't accept outsiders again." she said, agreeing with the bard. "At least in that case, they will all be of a like mind and not giving out mixed signals of welcome and rejection. Those of us who are outsiders will get fair warning." she replied. "In either case.. it is what it is." She paused, eyes narrowing slightly in the firelight as Salissa spoke of humans as if the bard wasn't one of them. Odd. After a few moments, Seri watched as Salissa pulled off the small mask she wore. It had only hid the upper parts of the woman's face, with holes for the eyes. A part of the bardic costume, Seri had assumed. When she saw the other woman began to rub off her make-up though, Seri's muscles tensed. The bard was pale in the firelight, though Seri had seen skin in all sorts of colours over the years. It was the fact that the bard was revealing.. something unknown that made Seri wary.

When Salissa finally smiled, showing off her teeth, that's when Seri finally began to guess at what the bard might have been. Not a Tiefling like Seri herself; there would be far more outward evidence of it. Seri had never met one of her kind that could really pass among humans as human. There were a few other races but.. vampire was at the top of the list. Not a normal vampire as Seri had heard tales of though. She would let the other tell her story. She grunted a laugh when Salissa did carry on with it. "Vampire, huh? Or part?" She shook her head, looking around at all present. "Well, I guess you found the right group here." She hooked a thumb over at the sleeping Elf. "Don't know what's up with the Elf kid but.. he is probably the only one of us all that won't be driven out at first sight, seeing us as we truly are." she told them.

Seri scowled, showing off her own short fangs. "Krodak might die at any time, true.. but he might not. And what he will do in the meantime... I'm going to try my damnedest to put a stop to it." she vowed. "I don't care about songs, just that it gets done, one way or another..." Her head whipped around when the Drow kid suddenly stated his intentions to go North. Her eyes were wide with.. fear for the kid. She shook her head. "It'd be suicide for you, kid. You'd be making a mistake to go that way alone." She stared at him for a long moment, noting his expression that he thought he was hiding so well, the tenseness of his body language... She had warned him of what awaited him there and he had been adamant to go north anyways. He had to have a powerful need to go north... just like she did.

Her voice lowered, becoming softer but still containing her gruffness. "What's up north that's so important, kid? So important that you don't care if you get caught, tortured and killed for it?" she asked. If he had a worthy reason, maybe, just maybe.. she'd allow him to come along with her. Hell, a group of any kind might just up her own chances. She raised an eyebrow, turning to Salissa once more too as she realized what the bard had said. "'We' might just be remembered? You looking to head that way too?" she asked in surprise.

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