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Fate's Wheel
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Author:  Keira Kelly [ Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:39 am ]
Post subject:  Fate's Wheel

The tavern in the city of Craydon Falls was surprising. The outside was fairly grim looking, just like many of the other buildings in the fair-sized human settlement. Forest fires had recently come through the area and had taken their toll. Though it seemed not many buildings had burned in Craydon Falls, the ash and soot from the nearby forest had coated everything in a dull grey. For some reason, recent rains had only seemed to turn the ash to a harder consistency, coating the buildings like a shell. Within the tavern, however, it was a different story. It seemed that all the light and life of the town lay within on that evening. In fact, most evenings.. at least since Serila had arrived.

She looked around herself as she sat at a table, noting how the mainly human clientele spaced themselves well enough away from her. The glances her way did not go unnoticed either. The humans were afraid of her. She might have once laughed at their unreasonable fear. But she was in no mood to laugh as she nursed her mug of ale. She wondered for the thousandth time why she was even here.. not only in a human tavern during its busiest hour but in amongst all the people having fun and being entertained by the Half-Elf bard. She was in no mood for joviality or celebration; she hadn't been in quite some time. But sometimes.. sometimes someone got worked up enough to start something... And then Serila could throw herself into the fray, letting herself forget even if only for a brief time.

At least, that had worked in previous towns she had passed through. No one yet here had seemed to want to start something. Especially when they saw her. Of course they would want to avoid starting anything with the demonic looking Tiefling in their midst. In many ways, Serila was the same as any of them.. a head, two arms, two legs.. but in so many more ways, at least superficially, she stood out like a wolf among bunnies. Her sallow green complexion, clawed hands and yellow eyes were not human-like in the slightest, but what really gave her away was the large, vestigial, bone-like, membrane-less wings that sprouted from her back. They thought her a demon.. or at least the product of one. In that, they were right.

Somewhere back in her bloodline, somehow, fiend blood had been introduced. She, nor her parent, knew the details, just that it had been in the dim past, however, there had been none like her born since the introduction of it. She had just been unlucky to have been born a Tiefling, one with fiendish attributes, to very disappointed and fearful Elven parents. What so many could not seem to understand is the fiend was in appearance only, as far as she could tell. Well.. perhaps aside from her love of a good fight.. But she had known others who had too and they had been wholly human so that really wasn't a calling card of demonic or devil nature.

She raised a clawed hand, signalling the barkeep for a refill. She watched carefully for the inevitable swallow of worry as he put down what he was doing behind the bar. At least he was serving her. He hadn't wanted to be the one to say no to a near-demon. It was on the rarer side to find humans willing to act against her. It often led to some fun when she did.. but it was rare. This lot were all a bunch of sheep. Perhaps she had overstayed her welcome in this town. It seemed unworthy of note anyways.

Tomorrow.. tomorrow she'd continue on her trek to find Sebas. Maybe her old teacher would have some ideas for her.. or maybe some contacts she could make use of. Maybe.. Though, he had wanted out of the life, an end to the fighting, the soldiering. He might have nothing for her but a sympathetic shoulder. That, she thought, she could use just as much right now. Still, she was scared that he would instead be disappointed in her or worse.. She had lost the whole mercenary unit, the unit Sebas had build and run for decades, to a man. She could only hope that Sebas could look past her failures and focus on what she had lost instead. He had been a hard teacher at times, but he had still been sympathetic. She could only hope he would remain so after learning of the destruction of his life's work.

Startled out of her dark thoughts as a new mug thudded to the tabletop before her, Serila glanced up, into the face of the barkeep. He was trying to school his expression, trying to act as he would towards anyone else but she could still see the fear, the.. derision, he harboured. Tieflings were generally not to be trusted, or so most races seemed to teach. At least the races that she had been near. She reached into a pocket, plucking out a coin and held it out to the barkeep between her claws, dropping it into his hand and watching his quick backtrack away from her. To the hells with him in any case, she thought. At least she had the ale.. not that it helped all that much. Still, attempting to drown her emotions was better than doing nothing at all..

( Use this to introduce your characters and make their entrance into the tavern if need be. Serila is already there, riv's character is the bard performing I believe? Aedan and Ghaz, make your entrances as well. Once everyone does, I'll set up what starts everything off. )

Author:  rivaan [ Mon Jan 29, 2018 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate's Wheel

Craydon Falls, now this was a place that Salissa didn't believe she would be visiting anytime soon. All things considered her life was going in a rather good direction for a good few years now. She managed to pull away from anyone who knew her real nature, she got herself a little bit reputation by visiting taverns and inns repeatedly over the years so she usually had a place to crash for the night when she arrived in a town and get some money at the same time. This town though, she didn't plan to return her for a good season at least. She was planning to come around these parts come early winter, but plans often change without your consent. Thus she found herself here, in this grim looking place, with rather nice interiors mind you.

Thus she was now playing her lute, to a tavern of rather not as roudy customers as she expected. Probably because of the scary looking tiefling by the bar. The woman wasn't causing any problems for anyone, just drinking quietly there, but the bard couldn't help but notice the glances, the glares and the concerned expression from everyone around the tiefling woman. If only they knew they had a Dhampir there too... Salissa wondered who would be scarier for the townsfolk from the two of them. All things considered, both didn't have exactly a stellar reputation among humans, which this town was made out of. Humans all the humans everywhere. The most fruitful of the good sentient races more or less. Short lived, but bright.

She had sang a few good happy songs, epics about heroes and their quests in the light of justice, but she decided it was just about time to also switch the mood somewhat. The tavernkeep had to sell some more ale, so she get herself a nice bonus. What's more a good romantically emotional ballad often spoke as strong as thousand epics songs about heroes.

“And now, a moment of memory for those who wait for us far away, for all those who are no longer with us and those who will appear in our dreams.” Salissa melodically said, and with some lithe fingers changed the tension on the strings of the lute just a tiny bit.” This is a ballad I learned during my travels.” And like that she started singing, the emotional melodies of the lute complementing the song.

“These scars long have yearned for your tender caress
To bind our fortunes, damn what the stars own
Rend my heart open, then your love profess
A winding, weaving fate to which we both Atone

You flee my dream come the morning
Your scent – berries tart, lilac sweet
To dream of raven locks entwisted, stormy
Of violet eyes, glistening as you weep

The wolf I will follow into the storm
To find your heart, its passion displaced
By ire ever growing hardening into stone
Amidst the cold to hold you in a heated embrace

You flee my dream come the morning
Your scent – berries tart, lilac sweet
To dream of raven locks entwisted, stormy
Of violet eyes, glistening as you weep

I know not if fate would have us live as one
Or if by love's blind chance we've been boun
The wish I whispered, when it all began
Did it forge a love you might never have found?

You flee my dream come the morning
Your scent – berries tart, lilac sweet
To dream of raven locks entwisted, stormy
Of violet eyes, glistening as you weep..."

(Sharm – Wolven storm( priscilla's song witcher3))

With that the main ballad Salissa wanted to sing tonight was done. From here she wasn't going to sing any happier and upbeat ones. She gave it enough time for the earlier times of the night for them to celebrate. The late night, the realm of the night, darkness and the moon was the time that people had to reflect on emotions. Some were going to return to their homes now, meet their wives and children. Others would wake up alone in the morning with the emptiness of those they loved not by them in the cold tavern bed.

Author:  Aedan Travius [ Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate's Wheel

Saiwa waited till he heard the sound of his elders snoring, and his eyes popped open.

He slid out of his bedding, already clothed, sneaking out of his hut. THIS WAS IT! HE WAS GOING TO SHOW THEM!

He ran excitedly, at the root of a tree he had branches stuck in the ground to look like a bush, hiding his bag he'd prepacked. He through it over and headed down the road. He was prepared! He would go to...where was it again...this this Craydon Falls he'd been hearing about. There he would find people that would appreciate how great he was...

"Stupid elders! holding me back! They'll see! They'll wish they had shown me some respect! Who the hell do they think they are! I'll be able to turn to a dragon! One day...AND THEN THEY'LL SEE, THEY'LL ALL SEE!!!! Stupid elders, their just mad cause I'm young, and I still look good, and and, I"LL SHOW THEM!!! Yea."

Hours later

his voice, having lost its steam, kept on, like a brain dead zombie repeating its last thoughts..."stupid...elders...they'll see...they'll all...dammit, where the hell is this place? Fuck this place! Fuck the wilderness! and the Elders! Wait...whats that? AHA! LIFE! I DID IT! THIS IS IT!" He said, seeing light from a dilapidated building covered in ash... it wasn't quite what he had in mind, but this was only a stepping stone, hopefully, so he continued on. "Gotta start somewhere..."

He walked into the bar, and walked to the first empty seat he saw at the bar itself, "Barkeep, food, whatsya got?! I'm dyin here..."

Author:  Ghaz [ Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate's Wheel

Arlathan arrived outside a tavern and began to think if he should rest or keep on traveling since he didn't know how long his journey was going to be. He looked around trying to decide what he should do before he sighed and walked into the Tavern thinking I guess ill just rest for a little. Arlathan knew he couldn't rest for long nor could he rest comfortably until he knew everything was going to be okay but he knew it would be a long time before he had the feeling of safety again.

When he entered the Tavern he couldn't help but wonder what his family thought of him when they found out that he left. He sat at the bar keeping his head down saying "Can I get something to drink" in a low voice trying to not draw to much attention to himself. He looked around hoping no one was going to pay any attention to him so he could quickly get some sort of drink and be on his way. He wondered if these human found out what he was would they treat him like all the other humans treated him. He tried not to let their opinions weigh on him but he could only ignore so much before he was forced to defend himself.

He couldn't help but feel worried about everything that he was dealing with and the punishment he would face if his family ever found him. He tried to force the thought out of his mind since he knew that what he was doing was more important than anything else that was going to happen to him. He tried to keep covered as much as he could so that no one could figure out what he was since he really wasn't interested in getting into anymore trouble and he couldn't afford getting distracted.

Author:  Keira Kelly [ Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate's Wheel

Serila had all but ignored the music being performed thus far. Until now, they had all been songs to buoy the spirit and to make merry but as the bard announced her next song and its tone, it caught the Tiefling's ear, enticing her to pay more attention as the song began. The melody was pretty enough but it was the words that Serila was really paying attention to. At first... at first, it was something she could identify with. But only at first. No, this song made it seem as if both parties still existed but were just torn asunder, perhaps one betraying the other. That.. that would have been more tolerable. She took a long drink from the mug she held, trying to hide the lone tear that she failed to hold back. She gripped the mug hard as she struggled to control her own emotions, half wondering if she would deform the thick metal in the attempt. The metal mug was winning on that account. She glared down at the cup, directing her grief and regret into anger and the anger into the inanimate item in her hands.

As she glared at the mug, she imagined it to be Krodak and that she was squeezing the life out of him... More than what that bastard deserved.. and she was far from the only one who would think so. At least the people in this town were not in that half-breed's sights yet. Craydon Falls was too small of a town for that bastard's greed for now. Still... Serila's anger faded to simmering levels as she stared at the mug still. How long could she wait for vengeance? It had already been months as she had tried to find anybody willing to stand up against Krodak. Months! Too long. Maybe she should go in alone. Even if she failed, which was likely, and was killed in the attempt, it would be better than sitting here, in some hole-in-the-ground town, drinking what was left of her life away. And, at the end of it all, she would find what she had lost.

Am almost-clumsy moving of the seat nearest her startled Serila out of her dark thoughts, the voice that followed even more so. She glanced over to her right at the figure addressing the barkeep in some surprise. Elf, she saw right away. Same as she had grown up with until she had run away from their ostracization and judgments. What really surprised her though was this one was a kid. Having grown up amongst them.. by the gods, she SHOULD have been one of them too..., but she knew inherently the aging of Elves. This one had to be near her own age.. at least in years. In maturity.. not so much. While she was nearing physical maturity, this kid was clearly in the middle of his prime teenage years. It wasn't everyday one saw a teenage elf in the middle of an almost all-human tavern.

She watched surreptitiously as the barkeep came over at the young elf's too-forward commands, looking slightly annoyed but not yet willing to turn away the potential for coin. Speaking of coin, his first question to the young elf was if he had the coin to pay for a meal. Serila kept an ear open for the answer, half feeling like paying for the elf if he didn't.. and half like laughing at his expense should he be short.

This time she was paying more attention to her surroundings as another figure approached the bar, this time on Serila's left hand side. This one was a little different than the first. This one.. had his hood pulled low over his face, keeping his head down as if to hide from onlookers. The voice, while sounding young as well, seemed far more sombre. What she could see though... was wisps of white hair sticking out of the hooded cloak contrasted by... At first she thought it was merely shadow but Serila realized the other's skin was a dark slate grey. Drow.. Wait.. what? A Drow? She looked a little closer, judging the Drow as around the same age as the Elf on her right. Another kid. She had just the same worry about Drow as the next person but.. this was a damned kid too.

The barkeep came over after having taken the order of the other Elf, stopping in front of the covered Drow. He began to ask what the kid wanted to drink when he froze, staring at what he could see under the hood. "Damned Drow. Your kind isn't welcome here." he said harshly, spitting on the floor beside himself after. His voice rose. "You'd better leave now, Drow."

With that, the normal sounds of the tavern seemed to lower, as a number of the humans nearby picked up on what was going on. A group of five men from a range of ages, began to gather behind the Drow, began to utter insults, blocking the Drow from leaving as the barkeep had asked. "After all your kind has done to decent people, Drow.. you were stupid enough to walk in here hoping to be treated like a decent person? Your mistake.. We'll take partial payment for all your kind has done out of your hide, Drow..." one of them growled. Obviously the leader as the others merely repeated and elaborated on the same threats. "This tavern's for humans. You'll be a lesson to any other outsiders who think otherwise!" Though a loud whisper, it was not lost when one of the others pointed out the other Elf teen as well.

Serila paused. If it hadn't been for fear, this is exactly how she would have been treated by these very people as well. If she hadn't already known this, their words made it all the more clear. Besides, the boy might have been Drow but he was still a kid, not deserving of baseless judgments against him. She pushed her mug away, ignored by the men looking for a fight with a teenager for the moment. From the outside, it looked like she was composing herself but inside.. she was gathering the simmering rage boiling within herself. She turned, stalking up behind the taller Drow kid, but staring at the human aggressors with her yellow-eyed glare.

She cracked one set of knuckles, then the other. Both cracks clearly audible in the nearly silent tavern. "So you don't like non-humans, hmm? Got a problem with us?" she asked. Her voice, while a heavy, silken quality, conveyed deadly threat. "Perhaps you should pick on someone your own size... and age..." she added with venom in her voice, showing teeth with pointed canines. Her flightless wings stretched wide, adding to her threat. She could see fear in the eyes of some of the humans as they looked at her but they weren't backing down.. at least not yet. Not fast enough. She couldn't control it anymore. She didn't want to control it anymore. She saw one of the men in the back move slightly, saw a flash of reflection off something in his hands. A knife. He had just pulled it out. That was enough for her.

With a cry of rage, she leaped at the nearest, the leader, bringing her clasped hands down in an overhead strike on the side of his neck. It didn't take him out of the fight, but it did stagger him. There was surprise on all sides for a moment before the other human men sprang into action. She saw one go for each of the teens. One hung back for the moment and the one with the knife.. he followed heading towards the Drow. Serila was specifically watching him though as her first target was momentarily incapacitated. She swung one of her wings out low, using the extended range it allowed, to strike the armed man at shin level, tripping him. He hadn't been expecting it and went down hard. Serila could only note that he wasn't getting up right away because her own initial target, the leader of the group, began to make his own counter-attack back on her finally.

( So once the fight starts, Serila is fighting one, Saiwa gets one to fight, Arlathan gets one.. and there is one final one that is on the edge, looking like he trying to figure out which of the three of us is a better fight to join in on. Salissa can choose whatever she will like to do. )

Author:  rivaan [ Wed Feb 07, 2018 7:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate's Wheel

Everything went fine at first. The ballad made people feel melancholy, some were to head home soon and leave the nonsense of fighting the half breeds, but it didn't work out in the end. First an elf showed up with a dubious expression on his face, he looked like a brat and huge pain in the bum and frankly someone that Salissa didn't want to deal with in normal situation, but hte situation was quickly getting out of control when a young drow showed up of all things. Not only did drow attrack the negative emotions of everyone, but the fact he was young suggested he was lacking in skill in many areas. Had it been a well trained maybe ranger who could have evaded attacks and not hurt anyone really, teh bard wouldn't worry. Sadly that was not the case.

It quickly escalated into a full bown bar brawl as the tiefling got into the fight, the patrons of the tavern got into the fight, knives were flashed, tempers flared and there was going to be blood spilt to cover the entire floor if she left it escalate out of control anymroe than that. She wasn't planning on that.

She pulled her lute, and the strings were dancing right away. Salissa then start singing a low beautiful lullaby, her voice spreading across the tavern as the magical notes of the spell were to affect everyone present. By the time the man fell on the ground it was already in effect. She knew they wouldn't be in this condition for long, all standing swaying left an right, eyes half closed and ready to fall asleep with the proper push, which she didn't have the time or desire to do right now.

The bard jumped from her stool, grabbing her bag and making her way through the crowd being as careful as hse can, but hurrying, to reach the tiefling." You aren't affected, good. Fast grab one of them and we need to leave before they snap out of it!" She stated and grabbed the hand of the other youngster to pull him away." Unless you want to be part of the slaughter that will transpire when they snap of it."

Author:  Aedan Travius [ Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate's Wheel

Pilwë had been flying seemingly all night looking for that little badass. He hadn't been gone but long enough to steal a necklace, only to get back and him already gone. Hot headed punk. He knew he'd be expecting him to catch up, but he was still mad. 'Stupid Saiwa...I'll show him, I'll show them all!' "KAWKAW KAWWW. KAWKAAAKA, KAAKAKA KAA KAAAAAA!!!!!"

Pilwë, being a raven, was excellent at making different sounds, but he'd always felt Elven...well...beneath him. But Saiwa was different. He understood!

Saiwa saw the look past his face, why that condescending bastard! DID HE KNOW WHO HE WA..Wa...wa...huh? wow...is...is that glass shiney? oh wow...this is...wait...wha?! "Hey, why is this place so heavy..barkeep! your...your the real sucks, man...wait, hey, where...yea, okay...sure..." he said as he was being guided away...by something....he was tired..."Dammit Pilwë, if you hadn't been late!" Where was that stupid bird...

Author:  Ghaz [ Thu Feb 08, 2018 3:23 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate's Wheel

Arlathan listened to what the barkeep began to say and sighed deeply when he realized that the barkeep realized what he was. He felt like he couldn't go anywhere without someone having a problem with him. He didn't understand why they keep on treating him like this all he wanted was to rest for a little. The Drow quickly looked around and then back to the Barkeep thinking how he was going to get out of this situation. Arlathan got up and began to listen to what everyone began to say about his kind thinking that his journey was going to be a lot harder than he would have thought. After hearing their threats he began to get ready to defend himself wondering how many he could take down before they got the better of him.

The Drow saw the Tiefling get behind him and listened to what the Tiefling had to say to the humans that were threatening him. He watched the Tiefling attack one of the humans and waited to see if anyone of them were going to go for him. When he saw one of the humans come at him he quickly dodge out of the way trying to avoid any fighting as he could. He turned his attention to the Bard listening to what she said before turning looking at the Tiefling and shrugged. He looked around seeing how everyone is acting and quickly took advantage of the moment and ran out of the tavern.

Author:  Keira Kelly [ Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate's Wheel

Serila only vaguely perceived that suddenly there were new strums of music but her anger was too great to pay them any heed as she dodged a blow from her opponent and returned a hard right punch to the man's jaw. He went down onto his backside but caught himself before being laid flat out. She was ready to put the man down again, hopefully for good.. but noticed that he wasn't standing back up. He obviously wasn't unconscious but.. he seemed more inclined to relax where he was now sitting on the floor than continue the fight. The glazed look in the man's eyes, confused Serila, dimming her anger back down to where it usually simmered. She glanced around, seeing a number of people around her likewise affected by whatever was seem.. sleepy, she realized, watching one of the previous attacks draw a long yawn before turning and wandering away, as if he had lost his attention span for the fight.

Suddenly another woman ran up. The bard who had been singing. She was tall.. taller than Serila even, and very pale but it was the worried look on the woman's face that made Serila pause. Then she was warning the Tiefling to leave. Serila growled. "I'm not leaving until these milk drinkers give us an apology!" she answered, turning her yellow-eyed glare back to the men. "What slaughter, it was a bar fight." she muttered in after thought. Glancing to around while still keeping an eye on the men, she noted that the Elf seemed to be affected like the human men had been.. She watched as the bard grabbed the Elf kid and began ushering him through his stupor towards the exit. Glancing the other way, she saw the Drow looked to still have all his faculties about him, looking worried, maybe like he wanted to run. And then he did run. She made a derisive sound as she turned back once more to the humans.

Now there were some, who had been much further away, coming up to check on the first man who had gone down, the one who had had the knife that Serila had tripped with her wing. It was only then that she began to realize something was wrong. The man was limp as the rolled him over. And there was blood. A fair bit of it and the hilt of his own knife sticking out of his chest. Her rage was drowned out by cold shock. She hadn't meant for anyone to die... She backed up a step as eyes turned towards her, the last outsider left in the tavern now. It had been his own knife though.. Nobody else had had a weapon. And obvioiusly he hadn't been very good at handling the weapon either... Still, she hadn't wanted anyone to get killed...

The bard was right. It was time to get out. It didn't matter now if she had done it or not. Didn't matter if she was guilty or not, at least not to these townsfolk. She began to back away towards the door, keeping the townspeople in front of her. Turning her back wouldn't be a smart thing. They were following, some grabbing weapons now. Serila quickly flared out her wings and held out her clawed hands allowing electricity to begin snapping between her fingers and around her fists and wrists. Make them thing it was something she could cast out at them. It was enough to give the humans pause, giving her a chance to turn and run out into the night. Out in the blackness, she quickly extinguished the lightning snapping around her hands. She kept to the shadows as she began to head towards the edge of town. It wasn't long before she could hear calls for guards in the distance behind her.

Not far, beyond the edge of town, started the forests. Many were burned around here but they were starting to come back and certain areas, like this span, was still green and thick enough. But, damn!, she had lost her horse and all of her supplies. Going back for them now wasn't a smart thing to do. At least she still had a small pack with a few essentials stowed away at a campsite she had made not too far from here. She paused, with a hand on a tree near to the treeline as she looked back at the glow from the town. "Damn you all for ruining my night! And damn you humans for not being able to accept that which is different from you!" she yelled out. From where she was, it was unlikely that anyone in the town would hear her.

"And damn you, Damon, for leaving me to this life..." she added, her voice quieter though it still carried a bit into the night. Her first curse had sounded annoyed, the second had been filled with the rage that her bloodline imbued her with... the final curse was totally different, filled with nothing but misery and hurt.

( I think all of you should hear her yells in the woods. We need to find a way for all the characters to decide to come together. Up to you all but some may find her because of that if they are empathetic enough, others can stumble onto her previous camp and they decide to use it that night together... or anything else you guys can come up with. )

Author:  rivaan [ Thu Feb 08, 2018 7:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fate's Wheel

Salissa had grabbed the elf's hand it seemed in the hurry. Not that it mattered with his way of acting earlier chances were good he may have gotten into troubles too. Yeah now she could sense it blood clearly. Yeah... see it. She didn't even listen to the woman's complains, just had given her a last look before pulled the elf outside, pulled him with her faster and faster, but not before passing by and slicing the reigns on the tied horses scaring them off. She didn't want the villigers chasing them down on horses later.

By the time the elf boy was probably going to start snapping from the haze, Salissa had pulled him all the way to the forest's edge and into it, hiding them from sight. She was both angry and annoyed about this situation. Her good night was disturbed and the nice sleep in bed dream vanished in a puff of smoke. At least she had her bag with her.

"Hey, snap out of it already." She said, very softly 'slapping' the young elf's cheek. Though by slapping it would be more apt to say patting actually." You out of it? Good." She nodded when he finally appeared lucid enough.

"Look, the things in the village got bad... someone died, it's going to be a witch hunt if they find you, or me or any other non human who was present in that tavern. I pulled you out, so from now it's up to you, but I suggest you don't stay around for long." She explained, fixing the bag on her back as she heard the scream from a familiar voice." If you want to follow me, do so. But we will move quick." The bard said and gave Pilwë a charming smile, her face still half hidden underneath the mask, but her pretty eyes and smile were unmistakable.

"I need to go meet her..." With that said she headed in the direction of the voice. She had already figured out where it was coming from now she only needed to follow her direction of realization and see how the tiefling woman was holding and if she needed something." What's someone of your age doing in the middle of a human settlement alone? At night no less? And... what's your name? Mine's Salissa." She aske Pilwë before starting to walk, wondering if he will follow.

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