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 Serila Kerygan 
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Post Serila Kerygan
Image Name: Serila Kerygan
Age: 119
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 155 lbs
Species: Tiefling
Born: Kyonin (elf homeland)

Class: Bloodranger (elemental - lightning)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Serila was born to elf parents in the midst of the Elven homeland of Kyonin. They were horrified to discover that fiend blood ran in their ancestry when Serila was born, looking decidedly non-Elven. As she grew, the additional signs of her heritage, horns, claws and vestigial wings, only added to the scorn and fear she received from others, causing her to run away. At the age of 76 (equiv of 18), it finally prompted her to run away despite not knowing much about surviving out of doors. Half-starved and with exposure, she was found by a group of mercenaries and taken under the wing of a young soldier named Sebas Lex who taught her about life outside of Kyonin and about fighting.

Years before, a young boy of 13 stumbled into the merc camp, looking for a better life and was accepted and put to work to earn his keep. His name was Damon Villarin. At first, Serila's appearance scared him but he quickly learned that appearances were only skin deep and became enamoured with her. Over the span of 13 years, Damon worked his way up within the merc unity alongside Serila until the day that Sebas retired, leaving the leadership of the unit to both of them. Towards the end of this and more so right after Sebas' departure, Damon began to make his affections clear for the tiefling, little realizing that she had also grown to care for him, at least as he had matured, and appreciating that Damon could see her for her true self and not just what she looked like. They were married half a year after Sebas' retirement.

Shortly after, on a mission for a half-orc warlord client named Krodak, the mercenary unit was betrayed after refusing to follow his orders that would resort in the murder of innocent farmers simply trying to survive Krodak's too-harsh demands for tribute. Serila opted to remain to find out the farmers' story with a handful of mercs while Damon and the rest of the unit headed back to Krodak and their temporary camp to tell the warlord of the error, that it wasn't seasoned troops but innocents they had been sent against. Krodak did not take kindly to this, seeing the mercenaries as weak and disloyal. He sent his own men, far greater in number against the mercenaries. The mercs were slaughtered.

Serila, her own small guard and the farmers were likewise attacked, though through her anger, she fought off the attackers. In the end, by either skill or luck, Serila was the only survivor. Wounded, she made her way back to the merc camp only to find the carnage there. In Damon's tent, she found his armour which was covered in blood, in a pool of blood though no body. As she exited, she spied a small unit of Krodak's men going through everything. She managed to sneak and capture one who informed her that Damon had been taken and made an example of by Krodak, executed before his troops to show what happens to traitors.

Serila killed all Krodak's men she could find but knew there was no point in a suicide run despite her grief. She would bide her time for a chance to take out Krodak. Now revenge drives her and the rage boiling in her blood feeds it.


Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:36 am
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