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Clan Jade Falcon
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Author:  Keira Kelly [ Mon Aug 29, 2016 2:11 am ]
Post subject:  Clan Jade Falcon


We are Jade Falcon, great among the clans. We are warriors who fight with the strength of the Flacon's claw and ascend to the heavens on the wings of the same. We remember with the clarity of Falon sight, the words of Kerensky. Through the smoke of time he speaks to us, his chosen and urges us onward with the promise of eden.

We will retake what is ours by right; that shining jewel: Terra. Not the vastness of space, nor the Wolves' obstinant howl will stay us from our righteous goal.

We are Crusaders and will trample all who stand in our way.

Staunch traditionalists, the Jade Falcons were central to the creation of the Crusader philosophy and led the faction for many years. Aggressive and tenacious, the Falcons are staunch believers in the principle of "might makes right" but have not limited themselves to the martial field. Despite a shaky start, their mercantile interests are second only to the Diamond Sharsks. Likewise, though brusquely treated by the warriors, the efforts of the civilian castes are well regarded and their standard of living is above average compared to other Clans. Falcon merchants range far and wise, with numerous trade missions to the Inner Sphere, while members of the scientist caste garner considerable respect for their efforts on behalf of the clan. Nonetheless, the Falcon warriors allow their civilians few liberties and tolerate no rebellion against their authority.

The Falcon military, once second only to that of the Wolves, has been undermined by the predations of Operation Revival and its aftermath, though the resources available to them as an invading Clan have allowed them to make good their material losses but not those of personnel.

Consequently, this has led to a sharp increase in the number of freeborn warriors within the Falcon Touman, as well as older warriors who would normally be assigned to Solahma units. Additionally, the Falcons graduated a number of sibkos early and thus its warriors span the broadest range of ages of the remaining Clans. Despite this, Falcon officers and senior personnel are among the most experienced in the Clans, as other Clans have discovered to their chagrin.

Bonus Skills : Protocol/Clan Jade Falcon +1, Brawling +1, Survival +1, Intimidation + 1

Bonus Traits : Quirk/Hate Clan Steel Viper. The Falcon's sense of superiority manifests as a penality in social interactions with the members of other clans. This takes the form of the Quirk/Falcon Hubris Trait. Apply a +1 Modifier to the TN of any SOC checks with members of othe Clans; +2 modifier for any non-Clan characters.

Path Restrictions : Clan Jade Falcon characters follow the standard Clan path restrictions.

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