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 story leadup 
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Post story leadup
Galaxy - Epsilon Galaxy
Cluster - 8th Falcon Regulars (The Scarlet Scythes)
Trinary - Trinary Bravo
Karina's Star - Command Star
Remiel's Star - Striker Star


• the planet of Anywhere is the first one that the 8th Falcon Regulars invade
• a Batchall was issued for the planet but no response, so the whole cluster was sent in, the commanders expecting heavy defence
• when arriving, the resistance was much lighter than expected, one small unit of FedComs, one small unit of mercenaries and the local militia, few mechs
• the inner sphere mechs fall quickly to the far superior clan machines
• a star from another trinary comes upon Kaden's lance, the star is already fairly heavily damaged
• one woman of the lance, mech gets hit and she ejects, another one gets killed when his reactor goes critial, last one flees the battle, leaving Kaden
• Kaden manages to down 3 clan mechs (though they begin heavily damaged but.. for an inner sphere mech, that is still impressive)
• Remiel's star comes along during the combat and watches (zellbrigen)
• when all opponents of Kaden are downed, Remiel tags Kaden's Great Wyrm as his target and takes it down, claiming the pilot, if still alive, as bondsman
• Kaden's reactor is destroyed (doesnt blow up) and the mech drops, knocking Kaden out just after he hears Remiel's call over the intercom about bondsman
• medtechs take Kaden to the med station after the battle, releasing him into Remiel's custody

- where the game will be starting kind of
• few days later, planet has been taken, falcon officers meeting with planet officials for handover
• an assassin, the warrior who fled from Kaden's lance, tries to kill falcon officers, Remiel
• Kaden sees the shooter first and already becoming disenchanted with his merc unit for some contracts and tactics, rushes to try to move Remiel out of the way
• Kaden gets hit, kind of glancing blow off head, hits head on the way down as well, fairly badly injured
• Kaden recovers after several weeks but suffers some amnesia in regards to his youth
• Kaden reveals a location on the planet of a lostech cache that his merc unit had discovered to Remiel
• this plus saving Remiel earns Kaden's warrior status back, and the 5th spot in Remiel's star, the former warrior killed in the fight for the planet


Thu Feb 16, 2017 10:04 pm
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